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The Commercial That Made Angelina Jolie A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

Angelina Jolie is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood, and she comes from a family of those that have blessed the silver screen. The daughter of actors Jon Voight and the late Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie has had a long and illustrious career. She appeared in several small roles as a child, but her first big break was the cult classic "Hackers" in 1995. This acted as a springboard for her stardom, and Jolie has since appeared in "Girl, Interrupted," "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "Wanted," "Tomb Raider," and so many more marquee and blockbuster films like "Maleficent" and "The Eternals." Jolie has been nominated for an impressive 116 awards, of which she managed to capture 58 of them (via IMDb).

Angelina Jolie has accrued a hefty sum of money for her endeavors so far, and she currently has an estimated worth of around $120 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The same website claims she tends to net around $20 million per role and is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Jolie's appearance in a commercial several years ago was able to earn her a substantive payday, but who was the commercial for, and how much did she actually make?

This fashion ad was a huge payday for Angelina Jolie

The commercial in question was back in 2011 when Angelina Jolie went to Cambodia in order to promote Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that produces high-quality handbags, watches, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses, and has an estimated value of $47.2 billion (via Forbes). The company produced a 10-minute long commercial starring Jolie, who went to remote locations in the Asian country to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz (via Vogue). During the commercial, Jolie is seen talking about her experiences in Cambodia, from avoiding land mines to interacting with local children. Notably, Jolie was awarded Cambodian citizenship in 2005 for her conservation efforts (via BBC News), and her first child Maddox Chivan was adopted from Cambodia in 2002 (via Cinema.com).

Jolie earned a reported $10 million for her work on the commercial (via The Economic Times), which could basically be translated into $1 million per minute, considering the commercial ran for 10 minutes. This is an astronomical amount of money for her role, and both Louis Vuitton and Jolie received a fair amount of negative press for the advertisement, due to using the impoverished country of Cambodia as a backdrop to sell a luxury brand. However, Jolie reportedly donated all fees to charity, according to Vogue. Jolie's career has continued on, but she has yet to appear in another advertisement for Vuitton.