Ryan Reynolds Would Be Interested In Playing James Bond On One Condition

It only took what felt like an eternity, but the 25th James Bond film — 27th if you count 1967's "Casino Royale" and 1983's "Never Say Never Again" — is finally out. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga's "No Time to Die" debuted on the big screen on October 8, 2021, thus ending the Daniel Craig-007 era in grand fashion. While this fact has led some fans to go back and enjoy Craig's previous four films for nostalgia's sake, others are optimistically looking to the future. After all, the question is impossible to ignore: Who will take on the role of Bond next?

As has been the case for decades, once one door closes on a 007 series, another promptly opens. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that moviegoers have already begun speculating on who will become the legendary British super-spy next. Even though he doesn't think it'll ever happen, some have called for Idris Elba to take the gig next, with Henry Cavill and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson entering the conversation as well. One rather unexpected name that has recently joined the fray is Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

If the job ever landed at the feet of the "Red Notice" star, he has stated that there's one hypothetical caveat that sits in the way of him signing on.

Reynolds isn't a fan of martinis

James Bond has existed in pop culture for decades, and unlike most fictional characters who have endured into the modern-day since arriving in the mid-20th century, he hasn't changed much. He still wears dapper suits, saves the world with an assortment of typically impractical gadgets, woos as many women as he can, and visits the bar when he has the time. His drink of choice remains the Vesper Martini — shaken, not stirred, of course –, though Ryan Reynolds has expressed his desire to ditch the classic cocktail if he became the new 007.

"I hear they're looking for a new Bond. Could you accept a Canadian sipping gin and tonic instead of a martini? If so, I'm interested," he jokingly told The Times in a November 19 interview. Seeing as Reynolds is heavily involved with Aviation American Gin, it should come as no surprise that he'd want to swap out the martini for his preferred alcoholic beverage. Regardless though, it stands to reason that he currently has next to no chance of playing James Bond. Reynolds hails from Canada, thus disqualifying him from the historically British-only role.

The wait to find out who will be the next Bond continues, and it likely will for some time. So, fret not, you 007 purists, because chances are Ryan Reynolds won't ever get the opportunity to take away your martinis.