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The Lost Symbol Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

*The article contains spoilers for "The Lost Symbol" Season 1*

"The Lost Symbol" is a television adaptation of the third novel in Dan Brown's book series about fictional Harvard University professor Robert Langdon. Ron Howard's original trilogy of films focused on the Religious Symbology professor, all of which starred Tom Hanks, made the character famous, but apparently not famous enough to inspire a fourth film adaptation.

While 2006's "The Da Vinci Code" and 2009's "Angels & Demons" received mostly negative reviews from critics, audiences scored each project significantly higher. The trilogy's capper "Inferno," however, received decidedly less praise for its efforts in 2016. The last Ron Howard-directed "Robert Langdon" film sits at a 23% critical and 36% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fortunately for Brown, "The Lost Symbol" seems to have reenergized the franchise on the small screen to some degree. The 10-episode first season of Peacock's television adaptation of the novel has a 55% critical rating and a 63% audience rating on its Rotten Tomatoes page. Fans of the first season looking for more information about a possible Season 2 need look no further than the contents of this page.

When is the release date for The Lost Symbol Season 2?

As of now, "The Lost Symbol" has not been officially canceled or renewed for a second season. However, NBC is said to be pleased with the performance of the series on their streaming platform. Just recently the network aired the pilot episode of "The Lost Symbol" on its linear NBC schedule in an attempt to draw more viewers to Peacock. Per Deadline, the series is very likely to receive a green light for a second season.

It is difficult to say when a second season might air on Peacock, but production times from Season 1 can give us some estimation for when we might expect to see Season 2. This year, the first season of "The Lost Symbol" began principal photography on June 14 and concluded filming on October 20 (via IATSE 873). The series premiered on September 16 (via IMDb). For the first season, this means about four months passed between the start of filming and the release of the first episode. This suggests that the second season premiere might not lie far beyond the start of production. Of course, networks reschedule things all the time to maximize viewership and this should not be seen as a reliable methodology to estimate air dates.

Who is in The Lost Symbol Season 2?

In the "Robert Langdon" novels and films, Robert Langdon is the only regularly appearing character. Season 2 is very likely to again star Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon. However, given the final scene of the Season 1 finale, it appears that writers are hoping to bring Sumalee Montano back as Inoue Sato as well. While Sato's reappearance in a second season would mark a substantial change of pace from the novels, it is still possible that the next season could feature a largely new cast of characters. Still, it wouldn't be a shocker to see any of the additional surviving principal cast members from Season 1 reappear in Season 2. This could include Valorie Curry as Katherine Solomon, Eddie Izzard as Peter Solomon, Sammi Rotibi as Agent Adamu, and Rick Gonzalez as Capitol Police Officer Alfonso Nuñez (via IMDb). 

As a result of the death of Mal'akh (aka Zachary Solomon) at the end of Season 1, Beau Knapp and Keenan Jolliff are not likely to return in a second season. Additionally, there are a handful of recurring characters that we are fairly confident will not return, as a result of their characters' deaths in the first season. In Season 1, Episode 3, Mal'akh kills Katherine's fellow Noetics researcher, Trish (Emily Piggford). Season 1, Episode 6 was one of the deadliest episodes of the season, featuring the deaths of two of Mal'akh's followers; one played by Dalal Badr, who is poisoned in a hospital bed and another portrayed by Raoul Bhaneja, who is killed by Sato. Mal'akh also suffocates his mother, Isabel Solomon (Laura de Carteret), in Season 1, Episode 8 and breaks the neck of his mentor, Samyaza (Mark Gibbon), in Season 1, Episode 10. Absent anymore flashbacks, we can probably assume that audiences have seen the last of them as well.

What is the plot of The Lost Symbol Season 2?

With the ancient wisdom seemingly revealed and Mal'akh's story at an end, it would appear that "The Lost Symbol" has reached the conclusion of Dan Brown's original narrative. Though plenty of things were changed for the television adaptation, the series eventually found its way back to many of the same plot points as its source material. With all of these story threads seemingly wrapped, where do things go now if there is to be a second season? The last scene of Season 1 gives viewers a small hint at what could possibly come next.

After returning to his lecture hall, Robert Langdon is approached by former CIA officer Inoue Sato. Sato asks for Langdon's assistance and says that her new team is "looking into a bombing in Europe." She then shows Langdon something on her phone that she says the bomber left at the scene of the crime. Langdon quickly recognizes it and, though viewers are not shown this item, it can be deduced that it is a symbol or historical artifact of some kind.

It seems likely that the next season of the series will aim to adapt another of Dan Brown's novels. Given the reference to the bombing, Brown's 2017 novel "Origin" seems to be a likely candidate. The book is Brown's most recently published bestseller and is the only novel in the "Robert Langdon" series to not yet receive an on-screen treatment.