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Manifest Fans Just Got The Best News Ever From Netflix

"Manifest" is a paranormal/supernatural drama on NBC about a flight full of passengers (Flight 828) which lands at its destination five years into the future — even though no time had passed for everyone on board the plane. Its premiere episode garnered explosive ratings, but viewership dwindled over time. It dwindled so much so, in fact, that the Season 3 finale marked a nearly one-third drop in ratings compared to Seasons 1 and 2. This resulted in a quiet and unexpected cancellation by NBC.

Fans didn't take the bad news lying down, and neither did series creator Jeff Rake, who got the hashtag #SaveManifest trending on Twitter after finding out about the cancellation. Not long after, according to Deadline, rumors started circulating that NBC and Netflix were in talks to give fans at least one more season for the sake of closure. And the rallying cry to rescue "Manifest" it from its death date must have paid off, because ...

Manifest is coming back for a fourth and final season on Netflix

In a marketing ploy worthy of an epic slow clap, the official Netflix Twitter account chose today of all days — August 28th, at 8:28 a.m. PT — to drop the big news that "Manifest" is coming back for a "super-sized fourth and final season." The fourth season will air exclusively on Netflix and will feature a whopping 20 episodes split into multiple parts, according to Deadline. The tweet that heralded "Manifest" getting saved from its death date has been out for a few hours now and has over 20,000 likes, 11,000 retweets, and nearly 2,000 comments, many of which are in favor of the show's eventual return.

The video that accompanies the tweet is a master cut of nearly every character saying the number "828" over and over and over again to the point of semantic satiation. The number 828 is significant because it's both biblically symbolic as well as a beacon of sorts, guiding the characters through their mysterious "callings" so that they can perform good deeds. In the show, the surviving passengers struggle to build up enough good karma from heeding their callings in order to avoid a second death. 

Well, it looks like somebody behind the scenes at "Manifest" heeded their callings in spectacular fashion, because fans are getting the final season they've been wishing for.