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This Is When The Chicago Med Season Finale Will Air In 2021

In recent years, the shows that comprise the interconnected One Chicago universe have become key pillars of NBC's programming. In full, One Chicago currently includes franchise progenitor "Chicago Fire," cop drama "Chicago PD," and medical procedural "Chicago Med." Season 7 of "Chicago Med" kicked off on September 22, bringing fans the latest in the personal and professional lives of its central cast characters, all of whom work at or are connected to the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

"Chicago Med" Season 7 has already surprised fans on more than one occasion only eight episodes into its run. For example, Episode 7 marked the return of Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee), a character many viewers suspected would not come back until Season 8. Based on the length of almost every season preceding it (via IMDB), this latest season of "Chicago Med" is likely not even halfway over, leaving plenty of time for further plot revelations still. That said, 2021's Holiday season is imminent, meaning that "Chicago Med," as with most other network TV series, will soon enter into a short hiatus. With that in mind, here's when the final episode of "Chicago Med" will air in 2021.

The final episode of Chicago Med this year will air on December 8

Given that new episodes of "Chicago Med" Season 7 previously adhered to a weekly schedule, November 17 should have marked the premiere of Episode 9. However, that night NBC aired a rerun instead. In fact, every One Chicago series went on break simultaneously, inspiring a meme shared to the official One Chicago Twitter account on November 15, bemoaning the fact that no new episodes of any One Chicago show will air until December 8.

However, though December 8 will mark the return of "Chicago Med," that week's episode will also be the final episode to air in 2021, serving as a sort of mid-season finale, allowing the network to transition into Holiday programming for the remainder of the year. One Chicago blog One Chicago Center has stated that NBC confirmed that this will be the case.

The "Chicago Med" mid-season finale for 2021, then, will air on December 8 in the series' usual timeslot, at 8pm on NBC.