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This Is When The Chicago Fire Season Finale Will Air In 2021

If you're a fan of a TV show that airs episodes on a weekly basis, nothing's more frustrating than tuning in at the regularly scheduled time only to discover that the show is on hiatus that week. We're here to help.

NBC's "Chicago Fire" is currently in the middle of its tenth season after it premiered in 2012, and a lot has happened in Season 10. The show saw its 200th overall episode air. Longtime fan favorite Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) has decided to relocate to Portland to take care of his deceased friend Andrew Darden's (Corey Sorenson) two sons — which means that his relationship with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is now going to be a long-distance one. 

Casey's departure means that Truck 81 needs a new commander. His replacement is Lieutenant Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton). Already, Pelham hasn't quite fit in with the crew of Truck 81, as he butted heads with Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) over his leadership style. Even more disturbing, the folks at Firehouse 51 have discovered that Pelham has history of disciplinary problems, including punching a previous superior officer in the face (via Fansided). 

The Pelham drama sets the stage for the Season 10 finale. Now, the biggest question is, when is it going to air? Here are the details about the Season 10 finale airdate, as well as a glimpse at what the episode might look like. 

The Chicago Fire Season 10 finale will air in just a few weeks

According to a new promo video for the One Chicago fall finale, "Chicago Fire's" Season 10 finale will air on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at 8 pm Eastern (via SpoilerTV on YouTube). That's the same date when the other two series that make up the One Chicago family, "Chicago Med" and "Chicago P.D.," will be airing their finales. So, it's a big night of television.

The "Chicago Fire" Season 10 finale will be the ninth overall episode of the current season. It will also be the first time that a new episode of "Chicago Fire" will air in three weeks. The show is currently on a brief break that began on Wednesday, November 17. NBC hasn't explained why "Chicago Fire" took a three-week hiatus with just one episode left in Season 10, but Fansided speculated that it might have been related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for what's going to happen in the Season 10 finale, that hasn't been announced either. Most likely it will involve the crew of Firehouse 51 deciding whether to let Pelham stick around. Additionally, Derek Haas told TVLine that the finale will be a holiday episode. "Episode 9 is going to make the Hallmark Channel jealous of our holiday episode," Haas said.

So mark your calendars. The "Chicago Fire" Season 10 finale is just around the corner.