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Sebastian Stan And Lily James Channel Pam And Tommy In The First Trailer For The Biopic

A suitably juicy real-world scandal always has a fair chance of being turned into a movie or a TV series at some point down the line. Now, one of the juiciest of them all is getting the miniseries treatment, courtesy of Hulu. "Pam & Tommy" focuses on the marriage of two of the most famous tabloid figures of the 1990s — Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson.  

The Hulu drama is directed by Craig Gillespie ("Cruella"), and set to release on February 2, 2022. It will focus on a very important and unfortunate period in the famous couple's lives — namely, the aftermath of the release of their unauthorized, private intimate tape. Early photos of Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee already showed that the actor looks very much like the drummer — and now, Stan and Lily James channel Pam and Tommy in the first trailer for the biopic.

The resemblance is uncanny

The new teaser trailer for "Pam & Tommy" reveals how close Lily James and Sebastian Stan get to the very distinct looks of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and the answer is: very, very close. In fact, the resemblance is nothing short of eerie.

The trailer unfolds as Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) and Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman) fast forward through a video tape that contains various Pam-and-Tommy-themed shenanigans, as well as other scenes from the series ... before eventually cutting to a (SFW) glimpse of the infamous intimate tape. 

From that point on, the clip revolves around various parties' attempts to either benefit from the tape or prevent its release. The most poignant line in the two-minute sneak peek goes to James' Pamela Anderson. When Stan's Tommy exclaims to her: "I'm on that tape, same as you," Pamela coldly and accurately replies: "No, not like me at all." This implies that the show intends to play plenty of attention to the effects this kind of exposure has on women, as opposed to men — which implies that "Pam & Tommy" will feature plenty of deep dramatic layers underneath the more superficial overtones.