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The VIPs Theory That Would Change Everything On Squid Game

By now it seems like everyone with access to a Netflix subscription has binge-watched "Squid Game." The Korean thriller series, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, takes viewers inside an underground world where people play variations of children's games for a chance to win an unthinkable amount of money. However, they risk paying the ultimate price if they lose: their lives. The show offers symbol-drenched commentary on subjects like class divisions and the value of human life in a totally unique and hair-raising way. And considering the international show is Netflix's most-watched series of all time (via Variety), it's not surprising that Season 2 of "Squid Game" is already in the works, according to the creator.

There are still so many answered questions about "Squid Game" that new episodes need to address. One common question involves the VIPs on the show. The VIPs are a wealthy group of men who observe the games, finding delight in the gruesome death of poor people and betting on their fates. They wear gold animal masks to hide their identities, leaving viewers to wonder who the men are and what their roles are in the games. But one Reddit user has a mind-boggling theory about what the VIPs are meant to represent in the story, and it's pretty unsettling to think about. 

The VIPS could represent "Squid Game" viewers

Reddit user enperry13 wrote an elaborate theory about the role of the VIPs in the story, attributing their presence to another use of symbolism in "Squid Game." In general, they believe the masked spectators represent the viewers at home watching "Squid Game" with their Netflix subscription that they pay for. While the appearance of the VIPs might have been confusing and unnecessary to some people, this viewer believes "their existence is also intentional in a very meta way" by representing subscribers to streaming services. 

The idea behind the "Squid Game" theory uses evidence such as the different cultural backgrounds of the VIPS, as signaled by their different accents, much like the people across the world who log into Netflix to watch the same programs. The anonymity of the identities of the elite characters could represent the anonymous nature of the internet. Additionally, the VIPs place bets on the games in the series. In viewers' minds, the Redditor explains, they begin "to 'bet' emotionally" in hopes that their favorite characters will somehow survive. "You all can afford Netflix and seeing people dying as a spectacle. Check your privilege," the Reddit user wrote. It's a far-out theory, but considering the symbolic nature of "Squid Game," it's one that makes a lot of sense when spelled out clearly.