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The Real Reason Why Spider-Man: No Way Home Could Have Been A Totally Different Movie

Well, we came, we saw, and we've picked it apart like a low-hanging cobweb. The final trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" has arrived online, and after the collective meltdown that was had on the internet, it's a wonder we're even able to form rational thought. Boasting a rogues gallery from across the ages for current wall-crawler Tom Holland to face, there's still no legit confirmation as to whether he'll get back up from other Spider-Men from across the multiverse. Frankly, we're amazed the film has gathered the cast it has given who's been shown so far.

With the new trailer confirming a host of villainy facing off against this dimension's Peter Parker, it's clear that Sony and Marvel had to pull out all the stops to get some classic stars of previous Spidey films back. Well, as confirmed by Holland himself, the mammoth task came close to falling apart entirely, and "No Way Home" was at risk of no way of happening.

No Way Home was close to falling into chaos

Speaking to GQ Magazine in their latest issue, Tom Holland explained what sounded like a monumental make-or-break venture. "Some people were trying to figure out whether they wanted to do it, and we needed all of them or none," explained the part-time wall-crawler. The pandemic was essentially the most significant cause for concern surrounding the film, which was initially set to be released after "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness." However, because COVID caused production delays, Holland's next heroic gig jumped in front, requiring script rewrites to be made.

Holland added that even when the shooting began for the film, the script was being tweaked daily, which added even more pressure. "You could ask the director, 'What happens in act three?' And his response would be, 'I'm still trying to figure it out.'" This is a reasonably risky move to make for a film infused with what appears to be 19 years worth of franchise history. Spider-senses were less likely tingling and going into absolute overdrive.

For now, we can only assume what is heading to us next month will be a blockbuster for the ages, with all manner of homages to one of the most iconic superheroes ever created. You can judge for yourself when "Spider-Man: No Way Home" arrives in U.S. cinemas on December 17 and U.K. cinemas on December 15.