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The TWD: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 7 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

As The Walking Dead Universe continues to expand, some chapters of the apocalyptic AMC franchise are nearing their ends. While the original series will not be over until 2022, "World Beyond" has only a handful of episodes remaining. 

The spin-off series follows a group of teenagers who suddenly find themselves in the undead-run world after a brutal group wipes out their community. Across its two seasons, "World Beyond" chronicles their increasingly complicated conflict with the Civic Republic Military, as well as the survivors they encounter along the way. And while "World Beyond" tends to get mixed-to-negative reviews, its latest episode impressed fans on the show's subreddit. 

"Blood and Lies" is filled with jaw-dropping revelations about how the CRM violently slaughtered the teenagers' families and friends. It also exposes the truth about the ill-fated Lyla Belshaw's (Natalie Gold) scientific endeavors and what the CRM has planned for the future. However, there was one scene from this episode that left "World Beyond" fans confused.

World Beyond fans thought Lyla would fight back

"World Beyond" fans were confused by Lyla Belshaw's inability to fight back after being sealed in a room with a walker as punishment for being "sloppy" with her work. The episode reveals that her experimental research involves studying reanimation in the undead, so fans thought it made no sense for her to be unable to defeat a walker.

"I wonder what would have happened if the scientist had successfully killed that walker she was trapped in the room with," said user CenCal805. While one user suggested she'd be "gassed" by the militaristic group, others focused on how she died. "I was like why are you freaking out?" said Miller0700. "Just kill it."

However, user redundantalarm pointed out that Belshaw presumably isn't experienced in killing walkers in a non-scientific manner. "I reckon non-military people in the CRM orbit have significantly less real world experience in a post-walker world, so we cannot expect TWD or FTWD level walker bash from them," they said. Another Redditor, user Blood_Brothers, echoed this sentiment. "Part of me thought it should be pretty easy for her to just kick the walker's leg out and then stomp on its face, but I guess this is what happens when you live behind protective walls since the outbreak," they said.