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Pixar Fans Are Loving Their First Look At The New Disney+ Series Win Or Lose

For decades now, the name Pixar has been synonymous with high-quality animated films. From its breakout feature, the timeless "Toy Story," to the studio's recent big announcement, "Lightyear," Pixar has almost exclusively kept to making feature-length films and shorts. However, the acclaimed animation house is finally hitting the small screen with its very first animated series, entitled "Win or Lose."

News on "Win or Lose" first broke in December 2020, when Disney announced the existence of the project at its annual Disney Investor Day. However, very little information regarding the project has been shared since then. That is, until recently, when Disney gave fans the latest brief glimpse into the world of "Win or Lose" during the company's Disney+ Day event. The information came in the form of a promotional image on Twitter and was joined with the announcement that "Win or Lose" will stream exclusively on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

How are fans feeling about Win or Lose?

So far, fans have responded with mostly positive reactions to the concept behind "Win or Lose." As revealed in its initial announcement, the series — co-created by Pixar employees Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates — follows a co-ed middle school softball team on the road to the championship. Taking place in the week leading up to their big game, each 20-minute episode explores the differing perspectives of the team's various members.

"The Pixar announcements were cute," wrote Twitter user @annlyeljames. "I'm excited to watch #WinorLose. That sounds like a really cute series that will definitely make me cry at some point." 

"Now, this actually looked really cool!" wrote user @GreenPowerStar. "I love stories that are the same events but told by different perspectives, and that's what the entire show is built around. I'm really curious what direction each episode will go."

With a fresh new concept in a fresh new format, the future looks bright for "Win or Lose."