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The Newest Hawkeye Clip Shows Off Some Pitch-Perfect Banter Between Clint And Kate Bishop

Yesterday the first two episodes of Marvel's all-new "Hawkeye" series premiered, and the response so far indicates that it's a perfect shot for Jeremy Renner's arrow-obsessed hero. Now, while the rest of the world wasn't as lucky to get an advance on the new show inspired by the Matt Fraction and David Aja comic book run, a brand new clip has arrived online, giving our first good look at Clint Barton's new protege, Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

The most consistent bit of praise for the first two episodes is that — as expected — Steinfeld is perfect casting for the beloved other Hawkeye of the Marvel Universe, and that looks to be evident here. Pushing Barton's buttons in New York and causing more trouble for him than he's already in, it's clear that the holiday season isn't going to be a merry old time for the Avenging archer.

Barton isn't playing (Hunger) games in brand new footage

While trailers have already teased Barton attending the Captain America-focused "Rogers: The Musical" at some point, this new clip shows that the public really can't get enough of superheroes. In what looks to be a frantic rush through Times Square, Bishop takes the time out to highlight where Barton is going wrong in terms of his branding and why the public is more interested in Ant-Man than Hawkeye, much to the annoyance of our worn down hero. Also, it verifies that "Lord of the Rings" isn't the only known franchise with an archer, in this universe. Who doesn't love a good tribute, right?

It's a great back and forth between Renner and Steinfeld and already showing that this mismatched buddy-up might be one of the best team-ups in the MCU's TV ventures. We can only see how they handle things when the first two episodes of "Hawkeye" make their way to Disney+ on November 24.