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Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson Get Dramatic In The Glass Castle Trailer

Before she becomes Captain Marvel, Brie Larson will be Woody Harrelson's daughter in the upcoming family drama The Glass Castle. Based on the best-selling memoir, the film will follow Larson's Jeannette, a woman who must reconcile her wild upbringing with her current life.

The trailer begins with Harrelson's Rex telling a young Jeannette (played Chandler Head at ages five and six and Ella Anderson at age 10) about the benefits of their unconventional lifestyle. "City folk live in fancy apartments, but their air is so polluted they can't even see the stars," he says. "We'd have to be out of our minds to trade places with them." Even though the young Jeannette complains about how she doesn't get to go to a real school, she seems to agree with Rex at the time, smiling as he drives them through the desert.

The trailer then contrasts this with Jeannette's adult life, where she is one of the city folk her father derided, living with her husband David (Max Greenfield), who she hasn't told her parents about. Her two worlds collide when she realizes her parents are living in an abandoned building on the lower east side. "You shouldn't be ashamed of us because we chose a different lifestyle than you," her mother Rose Mary (Naomi Watts) tells her. "When did you lose your sense of adventure?"

While Jeannette insists she's happy in her new life, the trailer indicates that as an adult, she has lost much of the wonder she had as a child. However, it also shows that her upbringing wasn't all fun, as the family had to keep moving around as they fled from debt collectors and tried to find consistent work for Rex. Rex, meanwhile, insists that he's just trying to find the perfect location for the family's castle, a plan which clearly goes awry as it is from there that Jeannette eventually departs the family. "Why do you think all of us ran away from you?" Jeannette tells him. "We were drowning." 

"We ain't like other people," Rex tells the adult Jeannette, as the two try to reconcile her childhood with the present day. "We got a fire burning in our bellies. You were born to change the world, not just add to the noise." 

Sarah Snook, Josh Caras, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Joe Pingue, and Dominic Bogart also star in the movie, which was directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12) based on a script from Cretton and Andrew Lanham (The Shack). The Glass Castle is due out on August 11; in the meantime, see some other actors who, like Larson, are going to blow you away this year.