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Nearly 29% Of Shameless Fans Think This Lip Moment Went Too Far

Over the course of its 11-season, 134-episode run, there really wasn't much Showtime's "Shameless" didn't do. In fact, the popular family dramedy developed a reputation for not just pushing the boundaries of decency but going so far beyond them that fans were frequently left watching with one hand covering their eyes from the on-screen insanity.

The "Shameless" creatives also got exceedingly good at spreading out the show's chaos between the multiple members of its central family, the Gallaghers. But even as crazy as everyone's favorite South Siders often got — especially William H. Macy's booze and drug-loving Frank Gallagher — one might easily argue that the storylines involving elder Gallagher brother Lip (Jeremy Allen White) were more difficult to endure than most. 

With that in mind, Looper recently tasked a group of "Shameless" fans based in the U.S. with figuring out which of the show's Lip moments made them cringe the most. 596 readers participated in the poll, and it looks like it was a nasty showdown between Lip and Frank in "Shameless" Season 1 that went way too far for fans of the show.

Shameless fans think a controversial Season 1 scene went too far

This "Shameless" poll was, admittedly, trickier than most because, well, taking things too far was sort of Lip's thing on the show. 

For proof of that, we'd simply call your attention to the many shocking Lip moments that turned up in the poll, and point out that they're barely the tip of the iceberg. That said, among the poll's choices were Lip's torrid Season 5 affair with his very married college professor, his booze-induced demolishing of another professor's car a season later, his expulsion from high school, and his spiteful attempt at wrenching away the parental rights of his younger siblings from Fiona (Emmy Rossum) after she hit hard times.

However, it seems that none of those moments were quite as uncomfortable for "Shameless" fans as Lip's actions were in the series' Season 1 finale, which saw him beat up his father Frank and later relieve himself on the man. Indeed, those actions were deemed "too far" by just under 29% of polled "Shameless" fans, and it's hard to disagree with the notion that Lip might've crossed a line in those moments — even by his standards. Although, if you know Frank Gallagher, you know he probably had, at the very least, some of it coming to him.

In any case, the fans have spoken, and it looks like urinating on Frank is officially the worst Lip moment that ever happened on "Shameless."