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Idris Elba Teases The Start Of Production On The Luther Movie

Oi ... Luther's back!

It was revealed earlier this year that Idris Elba would be making his highly-anticipated return to the role of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in a movie for Netflix. However, nobody knew when the film would start shooting — until now. 

Elba took to his social media pages on Wednesday, November 10, to confirm that production had officially started on "Luther," which is a follow-up to the BBC drama series he starred in of the same name. "Oi......I'm back!" Elba wrote, captioning two pics from the set of "Luther." His portrayal of the brash British lawman garnered loads of praise from critics and fans during each of its five seasons. His last outing came in 2019. 

Elba recently told Collider that he believed "Luther" could reach James Bond levels of success and notoriety. Judging by the tweets he got in response to his social media posts on Wednesday, he might be right. 

Elba shows off iconic Luther coat; Twitter goes crazy

For longtime fans of "Luther," Idris Elba's posts meant a lot more to them than just a sign of production starting. More important was the jacket.

"I've coveted that coat for like a decade now," wrote Twitter user @bcdubbs382 in response to Elba's social media update, which included photos of a movie clapboard and Elba in character. The clapboard listed an October 27 start date. 

"Let's goooooo everyone's favorite DCI with anger management issues," joked @ceballos1973

"The coat is back in business," said @JennUTD

Plot details for the "Luther" movie are still under wraps, though previous comments from Elba point to a much darker and bolder telling on Netflix. "With a film, the sky is the limit," he told Digital Spy in 2020. "Obviously, you can be a little bit more bold in the storylines, maybe international, a little bit sort of up the scale. But John Luther is always going to be John Luther."