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The Writers Of Eternals Just Revealed The Prequel They'd Love To Make

Proving that critical reception really can't keep superheroes down, "Eternals" has made a massive dent in the box office this week, obtaining the second biggest opening of 2021 after "Fast and Furious 9" (via Deadline). Now with $165 million in the bank, the next big question to ask, other than where Harry Styles fits into all this, is what the future holds for our new favorite godlike supergroup in Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Two people that may have a bit of a clue on where Sersi (Gemma Chan) and pals could go next are Ryan and Kaz Firpo. These two were the minds behind Marvel's latest massive story that spanned over 5,000 years, penning the script brought to life by Chloé Zhao. While they've not confirmed if they'll be returning to the MCU any time soon, they've both got a rough idea on where they'd like to see the Eternals go in the future, or most importantly, the past.

The next Eternals reunion could be ancient history

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan and Kaz Firpo shared their ideas on what they'd like the next chapter of the Eternals to look like. One that would explore individual stories from their past — and they know just the platform to do it on. "We've even said jokingly that there should be an Eternals prequel show on Disney+," said Kaz Firpo. "Go back and do a Kingo episode in 1890s Mumbai where he is juggling his life as a movie star, dealing with Gandhi's peaceful dissolution of the British empire in India. And there's an episode with Thena where she's in Greece. I would love to make that show. There are a lot of opportunities."

Following the tease of Sersi's current mortal flame, Dane Whitman (Kit Harington), the dynamic screenwriting duo didn't rule out being involved in the Black Knight's future, either. "If the audiences allow us, there's going to be a story to tell with Dane Whitman," Kax Firpo continued. "There's going to be a story to tell in the Cosmos with the Eternals confronting Arishem and all the Celestials who are these incredible metaphors for creation. I think there's a lot of stories in the Eternals universe."

While the future of the Eternals will undoubtedly be a long one, there's still no knowing when we'll see them again for now. Who knows? They may cross paths with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in December. Come on, everyone else is — apparently.