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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Episode Of Frank Of Ireland

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Are you in between shows? Searching for that perfect comfort comedy to binge ever since "The Office" left Netflix? Look no further than "Frank of Ireland," a new Irish comedy series from Brian and Domhnall Gleeson. For fans of charismatic British comedy series like "Sex Education," "The IT Crowd," and "The End of the F***ing World," the Gleeson brothers' new project provides a welcome return to the offbeat, somewhat darker humor that you just can't seem to get on American television.

The series follows the escapades of Frank Marron (Brian Gleeson), a 30-something man who is unemployed and living with his mother. Frank is a misanthropic, angry man who wants to become a famous singer/songwriter, and feels that he is owed respect by the world and those around him.

More often than not, all Frank does is end up creating more problems for himself. The show's unconventional sense of humor emphasizes the chaos Frank causes wherever he goes, creating a show as unique as it is hilarious. Those wishing to take the plunge will be happy to hear that the entire first season of the 2021 comedy "Frank of Ireland" is now available on streaming.

The comedy series is available to watch on Amazon Prime

The first season of "Frank of Ireland" launched in April 2021 as a co-production between Channel 4 and Amazon Studios, and the initial run of six episodes are all available to watch on Amazon Prime now. The series is perfect for those looking for shorter, easy-to-binge shows to stream during a night in, or watch while you're between other series.

Another part of the show's appeal is the aptly named Doofus — an endearing character played by "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" star Domhnall Gleeson. Doofus is the heart of the show, the one who sticks by Frank no matter the trouble he causes. Indeed, it's often Doofus' job to clean up the messes Frank leaves in his chaotic wake. Any fan of Gleeson's earlier work ought to check out "Frank of Ireland" for the sake of his performance (and maybe just to see him play a character literally named Doofus).

"Frank of Ireland" is a fantastic fit for fans of British television, and if you haven't yet given this offbeat style of comedy a shot, why not start with this series? After all, it's only six episodes long, so check it out now on Amazon.