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Yellowstone's Wes Bentley Reveals The Character Jamie Fears The Most

Pretty much every character in "Yellowstone" is either extremely dangerous, or running a constant risk of getting swept aside by a character that's extremely dangerous. Though he's (at least superficially) rather more restrained than the rest of his family, the white-collar adoptive member of the Dutton clan, Jamie, is very much in the "dangerous" category. The character has blood on his hands and plenty of political clout, and his many conflicts with other Duttons show that he's completely unafraid to take on some of the most dangerous people in the show. It doesn't exactly hurt that he's played by Hollywood star Wes Bentley, who has ample experience of intense and scary roles (see: "Ghost Rider," various seasons of "American Horror Story"), and isn't afraid to turn it up whenever Jamie gets real.

However, even the most fearless character has something to be afraid of, and with "Yellowstone" Season 4 on the way, Bentley has now revealed that Jamie's genuinely frightened of one particular person. Here's the "Yellowstone" character Wes Bentley says Jamie fears the most. 

Beth Dutton frightens Jamie

As Wes Bentley told TV Insider, Jamie Dutton is well, truly, and — let's face it — deservedly afraid of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). Jamie has done some pretty awful things to Beth back in the day, and Beth, in turn, has made it extremely clear that she hates him with the burn of a scorching desert. 

Per Bentley, Beth's primal hatred and ability to deliver pain on any given front has caused Jamie to secretly rank her very high on his personal "people to be afraid of" list. "He wouldn't admit it," Bentley said about Jamie's fear of Beth. "She may not know the same things he does, but she is as clever and as smart as him and can do the kind of damage he knows lasts."

Season 4 of "Yellowstone" may show how justified Jamie's fear of Beth is, but judging by Bentley's comments, a fearsome reckoning wouldn't exactly surprise him.