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Ridley Scott Has Some Reassuring Words About Gladiator 2

"Gladiator" is arguably one of the most famous movies of all time, and it looks like director Ridley Scott is finally gearing up to start work on the highly anticipated sequel. The original film raked in $460 million on a $103 million budget (via Box Office Mojo) and was met with rave reviews from critics. It's a prestigious historical epic which always ends up in those 'Best Movies Ever Made' lists, and rightfully so.

The film won a best picture Oscar and earned Scott a best director nod. The star-studded main cast of Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Neilsen, and Djimon Hounsou delivered compelling performances, with Crowe nabbing an Oscar for his and Phoenix receiving a nomination. So it isn't surprising that Dreamworks wanted to see a sequel. Various ideas for the second film toyed with resurrecting Maximus (Russell Crowe), and "Gladiator 2" was trapped in development hell for well over a decade, however it seems like Ridley Scott is finally planning to return to Ancient Rome once more.

It's not clear what the plot will entail, or if Crowe will return as Maximus Decimus Meridius — but Chris Hemsworth might be involved. He recently worked with Crowe on "Thor: Love and Thunder," and according to New Idea, the Marvel star tried to persuade him to develop "Gladiator 2" together. An unnamed source says the main idea was for Hemsworth to play Maximus' son — although that hasn't been confirmed. However, Ridley Scott himself recently had some reassuring words about the sequel's progress.

Ridley Scott wants to direct Gladiator 2

It's always risky when other directors come aboard a beloved franchise to add their own spin on a pre-established story, and it looks like Ridley Scott isn't going to take that risk with "Gladiator 2." He recently appeared on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show to talk about "The Last Duel" with one of its stars, Jodie Comer, when he was asked about the possibility of the "Gladiator" sequel. He left little room for interpretation when he said with a laugh, "How could I not do that? It would be critically stupid of me not to do that, wouldn't it?"

In addition to Scott reaffirming his interest in the "Gladitor" sequel, the critically acclaimed director is clearly in the mood to keep delivering more historical epics with familiar collaborators. He just finished "The Last Duel," and is getting ready to work on "Kitbag" with Joaquin Phoenix. The film will look at the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, with Phoenix playing the famous military leader. But after "Kitbag" is done, Scott is ready to return to Ancient Rome. In September 2021 the director told Empire Magazine "I'm already having [the next] 'Gladiator' written now," also adding "So when I've done 'Napoleon,' 'Gladiator' will be ready to go."

Whatever the story is, hopefully it's worth the wait.