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Finn Wolfhard Just Opened Up About His Forthcoming Directorial Debut

"Stranger Things" actor Finn Wolfhard has already accomplished a lot in his short career. The 18-year-old star has appeared as Mike Wheeler in all three seasons of the hit Netflix show and will return when Season 4 finally debuts next summer (though we finally have a new teaser trailer to tide us over). Wolfhard has also appeared in successful films such as 2017's "It" and is an established musician, fronting the bands Calpurnia, which broke up in 2019, and The Aubreys, whose debut album releases this November, according to NME. He'll next be seen in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," the long-awaited next sequel to the original franchise, which will see many of the original actors returning. 

In addition to all these projects, the young star also has his sights set on other endeavors, too. In an interview with NME, Wolfhard revealed that he is now turning his attention to filmmaking, debuting soon as both a feature film screenwriter and a director.

Finn Wolfhard is working on a slasher film

Finn Wolfhard, who turns 19 next month, has already written and directed a short film, "Night Shifts," which is available on YouTube. The humorous flick follows a convenience store clerk and a robber, who recognize each other and spend time reminiscing about their career goals until a policeman arrives. Those who enjoyed his first effort now have more to look forward to. The actor revealed he's now working toward writing and directing a feature-length film. "It's a horror-comedy-slasher movie that takes place at a camp," Wolfhard told NME. 

While he didn't reveal any additional details about his feature directorial project, fans can expect to see plenty more of Wolfhard in the coming months. "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," releases in theaters on November 19 before Thanksgiving, and the fourth season of "Stranger Things" will hit Netflix in summer of 2022 — when, hopefully, we will finally find out what exactly happened to Hopper.