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This Sex And The City Alum Just Boarded Hulu's How I Met Your Father

It's been more than seven years since "How I Met Your Mother" wrapped up its final season on CBS. While the last episode of the series was certainly controversial, it didn't take long before fans started asking questions about when the series might be rebooted. Only a few months after the series finale aired, plans for a series titled "How I Met Your Dad" were set in motion. That series was set to star Greta Gerwig in the Ted Mosby-like role with Meg Ryan voicing her future counterpart, similar to Bob Saget's role in the original series (via E Online). Unfortunately, after a pilot was screened for CBS executives, the network opted to pass on the project.

For a number of years, it looked like "How I Met Your Mother" fans were destined to never return to the world of "HIMYM." That is, until a new series titled "How I Met Your Father" was ordered at Hulu last April (via Deadline). Hillary Duff will star in the central role of the new sitcom, alongside supporting characters portrayed by Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Suraj Sharma (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Another important role in the upcoming series has been cast and fans of "Sex and the City" are probably going to love it.

Kim Cattrall will narrate How I Met Your Father

Whereas "How I Met Your Mother" took eight whole seasons to introduce the audience to the titular mother, "How I Met Your Father" will flip the script. Hulu announced today that Kim Cattrall has been cast as the future version of Sophie, the lead character of the new series (via Deadline). Hillary Duff plays the younger version of the character. Much like Bob Saget did in "How I Met Your Mother," Cattrall is set to narrate the series that tells the story of how she met her children's father. 

While this news will undoubtedly excite many of her fans, this probably isn't the reboot that fans of "Sex and the City" were hoping to see Cattrall appear in next. Cattrall is not set to appear as Samantha Jones in an upcoming 10-episode "Sex and the City" reboot "And Just Like That..." on HBO Max, but hopefully fans can enjoy some hilarious, Samantha-inspired snark in her turn as the "HIMYM" narrator.