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The Kit Harington Line Game Of Thrones Fans Are Loving In Marvel's Eternals

Contains spoilers for "Eternals"

There are lots of special things about Marvel's latest blockbuster "Eternals." The story is a unique and sprawling epic, the cast includes mega-wat talents like Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, and Salma Hayek, and there is a humdinger of a post-credits reveal. But that's not all. While this has little bearing on the plot or themes, there is also a mini-"Game of Thrones" reunion within the film.

Both Richard Madden, who played the erstwhile King in the North Robb Stark, and Kit Harington aka Jon Snow are members of the film's ensemble cast. What's more, Madden's Ikaris and Harington's human character Dane Whitman have a bit of a tricky romantic situation going on with Gemma Chan's character, an Eternal named Sersi.

Of course, if you're a "Game of Thrones" fan you already know where we're going with this. Sersi the Eternal sounds an awful lot like Cersei (Lena Headey) the evil queen of Westeros and enemy of the Stark family from "Game of Thrones." On one hand, the whole thing is no doubt one big coincidence that shouldn't be read too deeply into. On the other hand, fans on Reddit have already been dreaming up some ways to have fun with the similarity in names.

"I love you, Cersei - I mean, Sersi"

The Sersi/Cersei connection is nothing more than a bit of coincidental wordplay, but it has given crossover MCU and "Game of Thrones" fans a thrill. On the official "Eternals" discussion thread on Reddit, several users noticed the similarities, including u/RalphSloane who wrote, "I never thought I would hear Jon Snow say, 'I love you Cersei.'"

They were far from the only person who got a kick out of that setup. Noted "Eternals" hater u/trackofalljades said, "That whole scene I kept thinking 'well this movie sucked but at least someone is gonna use this audio to make some hilarious Game of Thrones fan edits to put on YouTube.'" Way to find that silver lining, u/trackofalljades!

Meanwhile, u/runswiftrun was channeling some Loki energy and thinking of ways to use the soundbite to cause mischief. They proposed, "Time travel shenanigans: go back to 2013 with that clip and watch the internet implode." Some people just love to watch the world turn to chaos.

You can currently catch Sersi in "Eternals," now in theaters, and Cersei on "Game of Thrones," which is streaming on HBO Max.