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This Beloved Writer Wants Another Season Of Y: The Last Man

When a show gets canceled before its time there are always devastated fans left in the wake. As it turns out, sometimes those fans are mega-famous bestselling authors.

"Y: The Last Man," based on a popular comic series of the same name, made a splash when it premiered on FX on Hulu. The post-apocalyptic drama is set in a world where, for an unknown reason, everyone with a Y chromosome suddenly dies. That includes all of the cisgender men on the planet ... except two: Yorick (Ben Schnetzer), the son of former Senator turned United States President Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane), and his emotional support monkey Ampersand.

Unfortunately, midway through the first season, FX on Hulu made the decision to not proceed with a second. This was a huge blow to fans, especially as the show was only picking up steam as it went along and was clearly not intended to be a one-and-done series. One very high-profile fan who made their disappointment known is none other than bestselling writer Stephen King.

The "Carrie" and "Pet Cemetery" author jumped on Twitter to speak out about the news. "Is Y THE LAST MAN really canceled? Please say not," King wrote. "Although far from perfect (and some of the scenes are so dark you can't tell who's talking), it's one of the most interesting shows on TV. C'mon, Hulu...or somebody... don't leave me hanging."

Although it's still early days, there is reason for King and other fans to keep their hope for a second season of "Y: The Last Man" alive.

Will Stephen King get his wish and see Season 2 of Y: The Last Man?

The mid-season cancelation of "Y: The Last Man" came as a shock to many fans. According to Eliza Clark, the series' showrunner, the decision appeared to be heavily influenced by the behind-the-scenes difficulties of producing a series during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. She explained to Decider, "Because of COVID, things got pushed, and we were up against our actors' deals being up and FX was gonna have to spend a lot of money to pick up the season, and they decided not to."

While it's frustrating to think that something like schedules and contracts could end a show before its time, there is a glimmer of hope. Clark also told Decider that the team behind "Y: The Last Man" is looking for a different streamer or network who might want to pick up the series for another season (rumors are that HBO Max might be their best bet). A series being saved from cancelation by another platform swooping in may not be the most reliable path to getting another season, but as shows like "Lucifer" or "Manifest" can attest to, sometimes it really does work out in the end.

We hope for the sake of Stephen King and any other "Y: The Last Man" fans out there that someone hears their call. For the time being, you can stream all of Season 1 of "Y: The Last Man" on FX on Hulu.