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HBO Max Orders Comedy Series Camp Friends From American Vandal Writer

True crime always makes for fascinating viewing. There's a large audience out there for content which chronicles grim real life atrocities that are rife with injustice and mystery, and Netflix has cornered the market for it in recent years. From "Making a Murderer" to "Icarus," the streamer's library for true crime is vast and diverse. Plus, it even includes some gems that aren't as misery-inducing as your average true crime documentary.

Even the most ardent connoisseurs of the genre will agree that it can be pretty morbid viewing. That's why Netflix's "American Vandal" was a breath of fresh air when it dropped in 2017. Airing for two short seasons before being canceled the following year, "American Vandal" spoofed true crime fare by showcasing mysteries that revolved around weird pranks, including obscene vandalism and poop-centric chaos in Catholic high schools.

It's a shame that "American Vandal" Season 3 will never happen. However, fans of the series can look forward to "Camp Friends," a brand new show from one of the true crime spoof's writers. Just don't expect this to be anything like "American Vandal."

Camp Friends is a family comedy

The phallic and poop-themed hijinks of "American Vandal" might be a thing of the past, but one of the series' creative minds still has plans to make us laugh again. According to Deadline, HBO Max has picked up the pilot for "Camp Friends," a half-hour family comedy that's been written by "American Vandal" scribe Lauren Herstik.

Details about the series are being kept close to the vest for now, but the premise revolves around four lifelong friends as they spend the summer training to become camp counselors. All seems to be going well until a new girl unexpectedly arrives at the camp and causes problems for the group, forcing them to do whatever it takes to salvage their friendship.

Deadline also notes that "Camp Friends" is the working title for now, so the show might have a new moniker by the time it arrives on HBO Max. Regardless of its title, however, this is one show that fans of comedy should keep an eye on as it nears release.