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The Chicago P.D. Character Who Breaks The Most Rules

Do bad TV cops make for good TV? Maybe it depends on how you define "good TV." For example, the overwhelming fan sentiment regarding NBC's "Chicago P.D." is that sometimes the show's characters have to break the law in order to create thrilling moments on-screen. Indeed, when it comes to cops throwing out the rule book, "Chicago P.D." viewers have seen it all, with its detectives doing everything from threatening suspects to knowingly tampering with evidence and beating perps to a bloody pulp (or worse). To make matters even more complicated, the character who breaks the most rules on "Chicago P.D." also ranks as the officer many fans say they respect the most.

While other members of Chicago's District 21 force may blur or even cross the line occasionally, this particular detective stands out as the ultimate repeat offender when it comes to ignoring regulations. In fact, this cop's disregard for societal norms often goes well beyond engaging in unethical behavior and sees him regularly journeying into much darker territory.

Hank Voight doesn't seem to believe in rules

There's essentially no debate when it comes to this subject, as any veteran "Chicago P.D." viewer would have a hard time naming a character who has strayed further from standard procedures than Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).

From the moment Voight made his debut in the "Chicago P.D." sister show, "Chicago Fire," his tendency to go off the deep end has been on vivid display. As a matter of fact, a major "Chicago Fire" story arc saw Voight attempting to bribe — and later plotting to kill — Fire Station 51's then-Lieutenant, Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), in order to keep Casey from implicating Voight's son in a drunk driving scandal. However, Voight's aversion to playing nice only grew more pronounced when "Chicago P.D." launched as a standalone series. For example, in Episode 3 of "Chicago P.D." Season 1, Voight kidnaps and savagely assaults a gang member until he gets what he wants.

The list goes on and on though. From breaking bones to busting heads and serving as judge, jury, and cold-blooded executioner whenever he thinks a criminal deserves it, Hank Voight's attitude toward his police work (and life in general), is unwavering, unforgiving, and brutal. While he earnestly believes he's doing good by doing bad, Voight's mindset and methods clearly make him the "Chicago P.D." character who breaks the rules the most.