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Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas Gets A Release Date From Roku

Break out your jingle bells and find a place around the piano because The Roku Channel is getting ready to deliver a musical extravaganza this holiday season.

"Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," the musical comedy series about a woman named Zoey (Jane Levy) who begins to hear the innermost thoughts of her friends, family, and total strangers in the form of elaborate musical numbers, was canceled at NBC after just two seasons. But that early end doesn't tell the whole story. The show's mix of elaborately staged musical numbers and emotional pathos earned it a dedicated fanbase (and landed it a spot on our list of the Best TV Shows of 2020), which is why it was picked up by The Roku Channel for a two-hour Christmas special aptly titled "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas."

The special will follow our heroine as she tries to scrape together a little holiday cheer in the aftermath of the eventful first two seasons. The show's ability to mix and mingle big emotion with light musicality will no doubt be on full display as Zoey is treated to renditions of beloved Christmas songs by her friends and family.

"Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" is slated to premiere on The Roku Channel on December 1 and to get into the holiday spirit, the streamer has gifted us with a first look teaser.

The teaser for Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas will have you giddy with holiday cheer

The teaser for "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" takes the form of a musical number from the special, rather than a traditional trailer. But it will give fans a taste of what they'll have waiting for them under the tree come December.

The scene shows Zoey and her friend Mo (Alex Newell) doing a little Christmas shopping at the mall. Zoey is in a glum mood, while Mo is in the full swing of the holiday spirit. Along with their fellow shoppers, Mo sings a stirring rendition of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," making great use of the mall interiors to stage their choreography. All in all, it looks like the special is poised to deliver what fans really want: more "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."

There may also be an added incentive for fans to tune in. According to some reporting by TVLine, there are rumors that if the special does well, The Roku Channel may also order additional episodes of the series. For the time being, that possibility appears to still be entirely in the realm of speculation and rumor. But crazier things have happened and Christmas, after all, is a holiday known for its miracles.

You can watch "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" on December 1.