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The Voight Scene Chicago P.D. Fans Think Went Too Far

To characterize "Chicago P.D." as a gritty, no-holds-barred TV series would be an understatement. Actually, it'd be a huge understatement. Likewise, it would be totally misguided to describe the show's long-running central character, Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), as anything less than fully committed to his ruthless pursuit of justice. That said, in light of the many questionable actions Voight has made in the name of enforcing the law, we're forced to wonder: Are there any Voight scenes in "Chicago P.D." that fans actually think went too far?

Well, as any long-time "Chicago P.D." viewer knows, there's certainly no shortage of grueling Voight scenes to look at while pondering that question. Perfectly willing to bully a suspect, threaten violence, resort to torture, or even take a perp on a one-way ride to the silos, Voight is the definition of a cop with a very dark side.

With that in mind, which over-the-top "Chicago P.D." scene is the Hank Voight moment that pushed fans too far?

Chicago P.D. fans have a real problem with Hank Voight's iron poker moment

For a number of "Chicago P.D." viewers, the Hank Voight scene they just couldn't handle happened in Episode 3 of the show's third season. After a middleman in a human trafficking ring is captured, the episode finds Voight alone with him in the precinct's infamous suspect interview room, otherwise known as "the cage." Brandishing an iron poker at the terrified thug, Voight sets out to extract the truth from him and, well, things get rough. Unsurprisingly, the title of the episode in question is "Actual Physical Violence."

In response to the scene, YouTube user G Taipan felt compelled to ask, "Is that really necessary?" Meanwhile, a user named Trivonne Reid similarly thought that Voight had overstepped a crucial boundary in the scene, writing, "He goes across the line." Fellow YouTuber Ravenrose also chimed in, noting, "This has to be illegal. The general premise of this show seems to be that if you commit a serious crime in Chicago, all of your civil rights are automatically revoked." Robbin Lukose, however, simply wrote, "Voight is a bad cop why do people like him?"

Now, it should be noted that other YouTubers who commented on the clip seem to be totally fine with both Voight and his vigilante methods. But this unsettling "Chicago P.D." scene does seem to be one instance in which plenty of fans think the detective absolutely went too far. As the Chicago Sun-Times has already reported, evolving attitudes toward police misconduct have also impacted the way many view the show in its more recent seasons. As a result, more attention is being paid in "Chicago P.D." to which rules are broken and when, and Hank Voight's gung-ho persona seems to have softened — if only around the edges.