The Big Clue Everyone Missed Early In The Matrix

Keanu Reeves has been considered an action star since the '90s, with his films such as "Speed" and "Point Break." But it was his portrayal as Neo in 1999's "The Matrix" that catapulted him into his most recognizable role. "The Matrix" yielded two sequels in the subsequent years, and this December, Reeves will be coming back to the character once again in "The Matrix Resurrections." This brings up many questions in the franchise.

"The Matrix" is thought provoking and the characters often question the nature of their reality. While the third film "The Matrix Revolutions" ended on a definitive note with many deaths of the main characters, the films have immense rewatch value. Many viewers go back to the first film to see what they have missed. Neo chooses to go down the rabbit hole to learn the truth about his world. But even before he enters "The Matrix," there are clues to what Neo's true potential is. While it may have taken some time for Neo to fully accept his destiny, one particular scene in the film immediately clues in the audience.

Agent Smith has a file on Neo

When confronted with the agents in Neo's office building, he must make a choice. Still stuck in the real world, Morpheus instructs Neo how to escape over a cell phone. But unable to follow Morpheus's instructions, Neo is captured easily. Agent Smith himself denies the existence of The One, but the interrogation scene yields an interesting clue to Neo's destiny.

While in the interrogation room, Agent Smith has a file on Neo. On the top of the file has a stamp labeled "SECRET." Beneath it, a number one is circled. Neo refutes the idea of fate and any ideas of destiny. Neo plays the part of the reluctant hero and only believes in his abilities at the end of "The Matrix." However, this clue is another reason why the film continues to resonate. Neo was always The One, even before he knew The Matrix existed. These themes are an important part of the film series, and we're excited to see if this continues in "The Matrix Resurrections."