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The Matrix: Resurrections Twitter Account Had A Hilarious Response To Facebook's Name Change

If you frequent social media, read the news, or — as the case may be — read your news from your social media feed, you may be aware that Facebook has renamed itself (per The New York Times). Going forward, the various social media applications of the company will still retain their familiar names, but the company itself will be known as Meta.

Per Merriam-Webster, the word "meta" has various meanings, from "cleverly self-referential" to something that has to do with "information about members of its own category." In a post on his own Facebook page, Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the name comes from a Greek word that translates to "beyond," and that it refers to the company's mission to take the user experience into an immersive "embodied internet where you're in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the metaverse."

The people behind the upcoming latest installment in "The Matrix" franchise, "The Matrix: Resurrections," evidently feel that the concept of an "immersive embodied internet" seems an awful lot like the franchise's titular computer-generated world. As such, the movie's Twitter account had a hilarious response to Facebook's name change. 

A modified The Matrix: Resurrections poster comments on Facebook's name change

The official Twitter account for "The Matrix Resurrections" just posted a brand new poster for the movie ... or, at least, a version of the regular poster for the movie, with one timely modification. The otherwise all-white poster depicts the franchise's iconic red pill and blue pill, which symbolize the choice between learning the hard truth about the nature of the Matrix or remaining safely within the confines of the computer-generated illusion world. The text of the poster, which normally reads, "The choice is yours," now tells you: "Now, based on real events. The choice is yours." Oh, and if there was any question about the target of the joke, the post comes with the hashtag #Meta.

Insinuating that a tech company's name change and a stated mission to build toward a "metaverse" has similarities to one of the most notorious machine-built dystopia in the history of cinema is a pretty big swing, but judging by the sheer number of likes the post is getting, people are clearly enjoying the comparison between Meta and the Keanu Reeves-starring movie. 

"The Matrix: Resurrections" premieres on December 22, 2021.