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Law And Order: SVU Fans Agree This Is Ruining The New Episodes

"Law & Order: SVU" has been on the air and attracting viewers for a record-breaking 23 seasons, making it the longest-running scripted drama in television history (per Deadline). To put that record in perspective, here are two stats: the show just recently aired its landmark 500th episode, and "SVU" remains the only live-action scripted network series that premiered in the prior millennium (September 20, 1999, to be precise).

With that rich history, it's natural that fans would have 23 seasons' worth of opinions about which characters, stories, and surprises they believe helped make the show what it is, for better and for worse. Indeed, fans continue to celebrate the cast, led by the legendary Mariska Hargitay, who has broken her TV records on the show and has eagerly delivered solid ratings for the spin-off "Law & Order: Organized Crime," per Deadline.

But there's one thing about "SVU" that fans gathering on a new Reddit thread do not appreciate about the show's most recent seasons. It's not any of the series regulars, guest stars, or even the controversial, often disturbing storylines explored on the series. So what is it that "SVU" fans are going so far as to say is ruining their favorite show?

SVU fans prefer the music of sirens and street noise

"Law & Order: SVU" fans seem to have an issue with the show's music. No, not the iconic theme song written by prolific composer Mike Post. Instead, the increased usage of background music during episodes has fans annoyed because, in their view, it takes the show further away from its gritty early days.

The fan who started the discussion, u/peachbutttt, began by declaring their love for the show, writing, "I love SVU, watched every episode, re-watched seasons 1-20 like 2 times," before lamenting a recent "decline in quality" they attribute to the score. "It completely RUINS the show for me," they wrote. "I don't need SUSPENSEFUL music every time something bad happens in the show, or SAD music every time something sad happens. ... The original Law and Order had MINIMAL background music which made it iconic."

Many fans agreed. "Yes! I much preferred when it was mostly just the sound of street traffic and sirens in the background, it made things seem so much more real," wrote u/Pos4str. "Ugh," echoed u/thisishooey, "I totally agree with this! It distracts from the show and is so unnecessary." Redditor u/banannabellee added, "Omg I've been thinking the same exact thing. The music makes the whole show seem so much less real. ... The use of the dramatic music makes me feel like I'm watching a Marvel movie or something."

The posts are already having an impact. "I'm a professional composer and have been happy at the rising production quality of the music over the last season," wrote u/NotThisLadyAgain. "Up until the last season or two, I found the music hilariously on-the-nose and cheesy. This is a humbling reminder to me that production quality is nothing compared to gut emotional impact. Neutral, cheesy music can say a lot without being modern. Food for thought for me." So, one industry professional got the message. Now, is the music department at "SVU" listening?