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Edgar Wright Reveals The Best Thing About Working With Legendary Cinematographer Chung Chung-Hoon

You need only check out one of the film's hypnotizing trailers to know that Edgar Wright's horror offering "Last Night in Soho" features some pretty stellar visuals, which comes courtesy of acclaimed South Korean cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon.

Ahead of the October 29 release of "Last Night in Soho," Wright jumped on the Reddit movies board for an AMA with curious filmgoers. One user with a good eye, u/kevin_zavala21, wanted to get the lowdown on what it's like working with one of the best in the business. They asked Wright, "Considering how gorgeously 'Last Night in Soho' is shot, what was it like working with Chung Chung-hoon?"

Wright gave an answer that will no doubt thrill film buffs. "Chung Chung-hoon is not only one of the world's most gifted cinematographers," the director said before continuing on to reveal, "but a little known fact about him is that he's also one of the silliest men to walk this Earth. A major contribution to the shoot of Soho was being able to make me laugh even when I was at my most stressed. I'll thank him for that forever. Love Chung!"

Those who have followed Chung-hoon's career will be pleased to hear that he's just as engaging behind the camera as his work is on screen. Now, if you're someone who thinks they are unfamiliar with Chung-hoon's work, think again. The cinematographer has put his stamp on several popular films that you've likely already seen.

Where else you've seen Chung Chung-hoon's work

Even if you've never heard the name Chung Chung-hoon before, there's no doubt that you're familiar with his work. He's perhaps best known for his collaborations with South Korean director Park Chan-wook, most notably "Oldboy" and "The Handmaiden," but he also has several international films on his resume.

Chung-hoon worked with Chan-wook on the director's English language debut, the Nicole Kidman starring thriller "Stoker." Ever since the cinematographer has been working steadily in the American film industry. He was the cinematographer on the modern horror masterpiece "It: Chapter I," the stylish action thriller "Hotel Artemis," and the upcoming adaptation of "Uncharted."

You need only watch one of the movies he's worked on to understand why Chung-hoon has become such a sought-after talent. Or ask one of the directors who has worked with him. During an interview with AC Magazine, "It: Chapter I" director Andy Muschietti said of the cinematographer, "Chung is an artist who goes for a surrealistic element ... He is very brave in terms of storytelling, and has a wide range of ideas on story and theme. His versatility intrigued me ... Each movie has a style that is very particular and interesting."

You can appreciate Chung Chung-hoon's latest work when "Last Night in Soho" hits theaters on October 29.