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Fans Of Elite Just Got Some Fantastic News

Spanish high school drama "Elite" has blossomed into a big hit for its distributors at Netflix. Typically, Netflix will cancel series after two seasons if they aren't up to the streaming service's standards (via Wired). "Elite," however, has aired for a total of four seasons, with a confirmed fifth season most likely on the way sometime in 2022.

One major factor that helps set "Elite" apart from its competition in the televised teen drama space is its unique blend of subgenres. Season 1 of "Elite" introduced audiences to three working-class students who joined the student body of a private school in Spain called Las Encinas. Their classmates, then, are typically wealthy, spurring friction between the main group and the rest of the student body. Subsequently, the series flashed forward periodically to the aftermath of a crime, towards which much of the season built, until audiences finally learned the details behind it. Subsequent seasons repeated this formula with the addition of both new scholarship students and crimes revealed at the season's start.

Though a new season is on its way, the ever-growing number of fans of "Elite" can rest even easier about the series' future, which Netflix just announced will continue past even its fifth season.

A lot more Elite is on its way

On October 28, the official Netflix Twitter account shared that "Elite" will return for both a Season 6 and three new Short Stories. Since seasons of "Elite" are released at a rate of roughly one per year (via IMDB), Season 6 will most likely not hit the streaming service until sometime during the year 2023.

The three Short Stories, meanwhile, are titled "Phillipe, Caye, & Felipe," "Samuel & Omar," and "Patrick." They will premiere on December 15, December 20, and December 23 respectively. Given that Season 5 is expected to drop during 2022, these are most likely going to be the next episodes of "Elite" available on the streaming service. These Short Stories continue a tradition established after the series' third season, when Netflix released four short episodes to bridge the plots of Seasons 3 and 4. These upcoming short story episodes will thus presumably act as a transition between Season 4 and the upcoming Season 5.

In short, then, "Elite" appears to be an unqualified success for Netflix, given that two seasons and three Short Stories are all confirmed to be on their way. If these new episodes maintain the viewership numbers that got the series to this point, Season 6 could end up becoming but one stop on a much longer journey.