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How Lucy Fry's Accent Game Catches Her Fans By Surprise - Exclusive

Everyone loves a good accent in TV and film, and Lucy Fry has adopted more than a few throughout her decade-long acting career. Between her American accent for Zoe on her new Netflix Original film "Night Teeth," her British accent for Lissa in "Vampire Academy," and even a Russian accent, the Australian actress has taken on accents that hail from throughout the globe.

In "Night Teeth," Fry plays the slightly unhinged 200-year-old vampire Zoe as she and her on-screen bestie slice their way through Los Angeles' vampire hierarchy. While Zoe may be a party girl, she packs quite a bite both with her fangs and cutting wit.

During an exclusive interview for "Night Teeth," Lucy Fry dished on what it takes to reach peak accent perfection in various films and TV shows. She also revealed how her fans react when they discover that she's actually Australian.

The accent game is strong with this one

On the process of fine-tuning her accent work throughout the years, Fry explained, "Yeah. I find now the general American accent doesn't even feel like doing an accent anymore, which is a little like, 'Oh, I might be losing my Australian accent.'" 

She added, "Yeah. But it's okay. I guess it happens. And the New York accent, I've definitely gotten a lot more comfortable with having done two seasons of that now. I've also done a Russian accent, and I've done in 'Bright' ... David wanted me to have a slightly Swedish accent to sound more like kind of that elfish, Nordic thing." It's hard enough getting the accent right with people, but adding a fantasy element certainly makes it that much more difficult.

"So I've done a lot of accents, and it does get easier. You learn to settle into it," Fry added. "It's just more like that moment of putting in the effort to really learn the accent and settle into it for it to feel natural. Yeah. But I think the more you do it, the more your ear gets trained." 

Surprising the fans

They say you can't escape what you do at work, and Fry's accent game has even seeped into her regular life. "And I really notice people's voices now. And it's like doing all that accent work, it changes the placement of sound too and changes the character. And so now when people talk, I kind of hear more about where is it placed," she noted. "And there's so much expression that comes from the voice and vocal quality in people. And it's really interesting to me, listening to the way that people speak for ... I become a bit of a nerd about it."

Some of Fry's fans are quite surprised when they meet out of character and realize that she's actually from Australia. "Yeah. When I meet people in New York, "Godfather of Harlem" is very, very successful there compared to other places," she added. "And yeah, when people say hi to me in New York, like, 'Oh, you play Stella.' And I say, 'Hi.' And they're like, 'You're not from here?'" With a laugh, Fry admitted, "That always makes me happy when they don't realize that it wasn't my natural accent."  But hey, not realizing she's using an accent is the highest compliment.

On the fact that natives being unable to tell that she's using an accent is high praise, Fry agreed, saying, "Thanks. Yeah, it makes me feel like, 'Yes, I did it!' Yeah. [Laughs]."

Fans can now watch "Night Teeth" on Netflix