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Here's The First Trailer For Wesley Snipes And Kevin Hart's True Story

The official trailer for the Netflix series "True Story" has just dropped, and it looks like this exciting crime drama promises to blow audiences' expectations. The show stars Kevin Hart as Kid, a world-famous comedian — not a seeming stretch for Hart, but "True Story" clearly isn't going for laughs. With "Narcos" writer Eric Newman and "Watchmen" director Stephen Williams heading the first episodes, it looks like "True Story" will be giving Netflix watchers a rollercoaster ride of suspense and thrills.

This will mark the first time that Hart has delved into the realm of serious drama after decades of doing stand-up and taking on comedic film and TV roles. He recently starred in the Netflix original film "Fatherhood," a comedy-drama about a widowed father who takes on the task of single parenting. Having dipped his toes into the drama pool, Hart now appears to be fearlessly diving in with "True Story." If the trailer is any indication, then Hart's fans won't want to miss the performer's dramatic debut.

Kevin Hart appears to be playing a role very similar to himself in "True Story"

The beginning of the "True Story" trailer introduces Kid, whose life of fame and luxury as a stand-up comedian seems to mirror that of Kevin Hart's own. Kid is on a stand-up tour when one of his stops places him in his hometown of Philadelphia. There, he meets up with his older brother, Carlton (Wesley Snipes), who is determined to show Kid the time of his life before he leaves town. Kid throws back shots in a nightclub, surrounded by close friends and admirers, but things take a dark turn when he wakes up the next day to find his world crumbling around him.

As Kid struggles to put the pieces of the hazy night before together, Carlton warns Kid about a "situation," one that apparently has brought the cops to Kid's door. While it doesn't specify just what kind of trouble Kid has gotten himself into, the stakes appear to be higher than just the ruination of his stand-up career. At the trailer's end we see Kid in a prison-orange jumpsuit, and we are left to wonder what led to this outcome (or if what we're seeing is actually real).

Could "True Story" be the first big step for Kevin Hart making a dramatic shift in his career? Whether it is or not, this thriller series is one that Hart fans won't want to miss. The show releases on Netflix on November 24.