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The Details That Have Tower Of God Fans Giving Headon Another Look

In the fantasy anime "Tower of God," a young boy named Bam ascends the Tower to rescue a girl named Rachel, but the origins of the eponymous Tower are one major mystery. This massive structure, with its unique landmasses, environments, and creatures, is a complete enigma, both to the "Regulars" who hail from the Tower, and the "Irregulars" who come from outside it. Whether Regular or Irregular, ascending the Tower requires bypassing the Tower Guardians that oversee each floor. These powerful beings have origins no less mysterious than the rest of the Tower, yet all other Guardians are overshadowed by the distinctive qualities of the character Headon.

Though Headon is a Guardian himself, he displays qualities and abilities that mark him as unique among his own kind. Aside from Rachel, he is the first being that Bam encounters in the story, and the first person he talks to upon entering the Tower. Since his introduction, Headon has left a major impression on viewers, and there are many details about him that have "Tower of God" fans giving him a second look.

What makes Headon so unique?

In essence, Headon is such a special character because it seems that he is custom-tailored to interact with people. Unlike other Guardians in the Tower, who typically appear and behave as something beyond human, Headon is very approachable and understandable. This is seen even in his appearance, which is noticeably more humanoid than any other Guardian Bam meets. Furthermore, Headon has a capacity for emotions that other Guardians simply lack. Not only does he understand the emotions of others, but he has his own and can even bear grudges of sorts.

There's also one other quality to differentiate Headon from the rest of his kin. As pointed out by u/Xavier93 on Reddit, Headon is the only Guardian that can travel from floor to floor. This is extremely important, because it indicates that Headon may have seniority or special privileges within the Tower that no other Guardian has. Whoever or whatever created the Tower also created Headon for a very unique purpose.

Fans think Headon is a guide

Due to all of these peculiarities, the author of the Reddit post posed an interesting theory regarding Headon, speculating that he is a guide meant to shepherd Irregulars up the Tower. This is supported by the fact that Headon, as the Guardian of the first floor, is the Guardian responsible for allowing people inside the Tower. Usually people from the outside world are denied entry to the structure. Headon is in charge of testing viable candidates to see if they are worthy of entry, just as he does with Bam at the beginning of the "Tower of God" series.

The theory is that Headon is equipped with a certain amount of emotional understanding, a humanoid appearance, and the ability to travel between floors so that he may better guide Irregulars towards the Tower's peak. With his human characteristics, he has a better chance of connecting with Irregulars, and his ability to travel up and down the Tower allows him to track them and continually influence events long after they have passed the first floor.

Officially, Headon's motives still remain a mystery. As a Guardian, his human qualities do not necessarily speak to his entire character. The anime has far from revealed every secret surrounding the Tower, its purpose, and its functions, meaning that Headon may be something other than a guide. It's even possible that viewers simply aren't meant to understand Headon or the Tower.