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Why Angela From Dexter: New Blood Looks So Familiar

Fans of the original "Dexter" that first aired all the way back in 2006 had their dreams come true when announcements were made in 2020 about the upcoming "Dexter: New Blood," which is essentially a sequel to the original show. "Dexter: New Blood" takes place after the ending of the original series where the world thinks that Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) died in a boating accident. However, we know that isn't true as we find out that Dexter lives in a town called Iron Lake, New York, for about 10 years. His normal life gets turned on its head when his son shows up and his homicidal urges reappear as a string of killings begin to arise in the town.

Dexter also managed to find a new love interest during his 10-year sabbatical — local Chief of Police Angela Bishop. If you've seen the trailer for the 10 episodes that will be available for "Dexter: New Blood" and swear you've previously seen the actress who plays her, you probably have. Her name is Julia Jones, and she's been in some of the 2000s best shows leading up to "Dexter: New Blood." Don't fret if you can't place your finger on where you've seen Jones; we're here to tell you exactly where and when you might have seen her before.

Jones landed one of her first roles in a film produced by Quentin Tarantino

Before 2008, Jones had been making her way through Hollywood and smaller acting roles. Her first credit came in a 2003 film called "The Look," which followed a group of teen girls who come to New York City for a modeling competition. After that followed a couple of supporting roles, including one in 2005 where she starred alongside country superstar Tim McGraw in "Black Cloud." Then came the role of a lifetime, a supporting spot in a Quentin Tarantino-produced film with Dennis Hopper called "Hell Ride," which followed the story of rival biker gangs.

Although this didn't fall on the list of Tarantino's movies that he so famously directed, it was still a hugely important role for Jones that then put her on the radar as an actress. Having two legendary names like Hopper and Tarantino attached to any film will surely make Hollywood aware of any supporting actor or actress.

Jones had supporting roles in ER, The Twilight Saga, and Longmire

After "Hell Ride," Jones began getting more work around Hollywood in even more supporting roles. In 2008 she was cast as Dr. Kaya Montoya in the final two seasons of the iconic medical drama "ER," which featured actors like George Clooney before they became even bigger names in Hollywood. She appeared in four different episodes to assist the main cast of the show, which again provided more deserved recognition that led to other job opportunities, one being the role of Leah in "The Twilight Saga." The character of Leah is part of the wolf pack and the former lover of their alpha, Sam Clearwater. She appears in "Eclipse," "Breaking Dawn — Part 1," and "Breaking Dawn — Part 2." 

After more recurring and supporting roles in TV movies and shorts throughout 2012 and 2013, Jones again managed to land a great role in a great show with "Longmire." Similar to "ER," Jones appeared in four pivotal episodes as Gabriella Langton, a young woman living on the Cheyenne Reservation who reported she had been raped, leading to a long and eventful investigation from Walt Longmire and company. Her first appearance is in the episode titled "The Calling Back."

You might have seen her in Goliath or Rutherford Falls

In the years that followed her time on "Longmire" in 2015, Jones went back to some small supporting roles in films until she made it back to television for two episodes of "Westworld," and then finally another supporting role in Amazon Prime's "Goliath" starring actor Billy Bob Thornton, where he starred as a washed-up but brilliant lawyer. Jones played the character of Stephanie, a Hollywood stunt woman that becomes a pain in the butt for Central Valley corporate farmers that want her land, for which she needs the assistance of Thornton's Billy McBride.

In 2021 she has already been in supporting roles besides "Dexter: New Blood," including that of Sally in "Rutherford Falls," a comedy series led by actor and comedian Ed Helms. The show follows Helms' Nathan Rutherford as he tries to prevent the removal of a historical statue in a small town in the northeast. Jones' Sally is a coworker to Helms on the show, often making fun of his character at any opportunity. This role is a departure from the more serious roles Jones had taken in the past.

Jones is Omera in The Mandalorian

"The Mandalorian" is arguably one of the most successful "Star Wars" installments ever. It initiated a baby Yoda craze and served as an incredibly compelling tale in the larger "Star Wars" universe. Jones was able to get in on the action and acted alongside Pedro Pascal as Omera, a mother in a small village that Pascal's titular character seems to connect with in "Chapter 4: Sanctuary." In fact, Omera is almost able to get The Mandalorian to remove his helmet, something he and other Mandalorians are sworn to never do in front of others. Jones' character has great depth and purpose in this small role, serving to fuel The Mandalorian's desire to help those in need on his quest to return Grogu to his people, the Jedi.

Hopefully, the future holds more meaningful supporting or starring roles for Julia Jones as she has been in many great shows and movies of the 2000s. Either way, if you end up watching "Dexter: New Blood" and can't stop thinking of "Twilight," don't blame us — you were the one who wanted to know.