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The CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 3 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

More than two decades after "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" premiered, a long-awaited sequel has joined the police procedural's franchise. 

"CSI: Vegas," which premiered on October 6, sees the return of former investigators Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and Gil Grissom (William Petersen). A limited CBS series comprised of 10 episodes, "CSI: Vegas" follows the dynamic duo's leap back into the Las Vegas Crime Lab. With their former workplace's reputation on the line and an old colleague implicated in a crime, Sidle and Grissom are forced to work with the department's new members in order to figure out what's going on.

The show's third episode, titled "Under the Skin," continues to develop the series' complicated, ongoing storyline, and follows its central investigators as they try to solve the murder of a video game developer who had been on her way to an important event. Meanwhile, flexing their own investigative skills, some "CSI: Vegas" fans noticed a minor detail in the episode that could be evidence of either a continuity error or a cut scene. 

With that in mind, what part of "Under the Skin" didn't make sense to "CSI: Vegas" fans?

Was a scene between Sara and Grissom cut from the episode?

"CSI: Vegas" fans recently noticed that a sweet scene between Sara and Grissom seems to be missing from "Under the Skin." A previously released promotional picture showed the fan-favorite "CSI" couple holding hands at work, but the moment is nowhere to be seen in the final episode. @TVulture15 caught this, tweeting, "I don't wanna ruin your day but, the holding hands moment, shouldn't it have happened in last night's episode? Grissom and Sara['s] outfits match in both pictures."

Fans were quick to respond to the user's side-by-side comparison of the promo image and a screenshot from the episode, which shows the characters in seemingly identical outfits. "Maybe it's when they're going in to be interviewed by the IA lady," suggested @HalfBloodKate, who added that they were "praying" the scene didn't get cut. @TjMarksBB seemed less hopeful, writing, "It was probably cut, but with all we did get, I'm finding it hard to complain." 

Meanwhile, other fans sarcastically speculated that the couple had simply run out of clothes after spending so much of their retirement living on a boat. "There are too many instances of people almost wearing the same thing... it's a conspiracy between the wardrobe department and the promo department," joked @BopeLove1983

Of course, it's entirely possible the missing moment that was shot with the characters in those outfits is going to happen in a different episode. Unfortunately, "CSI: Vegas" fans will just have to wait and see.