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Succession Fans Just Got The Best News Ever

Although Season 3 of "Succession" just aired its first two episodes, fans will pleased to know that HBO has already renewed the series for a fourth season. The drama focusing on the power struggle within the Roy family will continue — which is not a surprise to viewers who understand the show's overall excellence.

The good news comes on the heels of a report from HBO (via ShowBuzz Daily) that, after factoring in streaming numbers and linear reruns, the first episode of the season from Oct. 17 was the show's most-watched episode ever. HBO also said (via Variety) that the 1.4 million viewers for "Succession" made up the best premiere night rating of any HBO series since HBO Max launched back in May 2020.

The show has been off the air for just over two years due to COVID-19 delays (via Deadline), yet it doesn't seem to have lost much momentum since then.

Season 4 may be the show's last

"Succession" second season viewership, Variety says, averaged 5 million. As important for its prospects, that season also won seven Emmy Awards, including 2020's award for Outstanding Drama Series. 

So far this season, the members of the Roy family are fighting over control of Waystar Royco following an incident in Season 2 in which Kendall (Jeremy Strong) stabbed his dad Logan (Brian Cox) in the back. He was supposed to take the fall publicly for a scandal resulting from the cover-up of crimes aboard the company's cruise ships — but didn't. He's been trying to consolidate his power with the company's senior operatives on his side, while Logan splits his inner circle so he can escape extradition in Sarajevo. Naturally, Kendall wants the support of the other Roy siblings — but isn't offering them a whole lot to sway their loyalty. Basically, the family civil war continues to create the Shakespeare-worthy conflict that "Succession" fans love.

At this time it is unclear whether the fourth season means 10 episodes, as with the first two seasons, or 9, as with the third. It is also unclear if season 4 will be the last. The fourth season is currently being plotted, but according to Deadline, writer Georgia Pritchett told the U.K. Times, "At this point [creator Jesse Armstrong] is saying only one more [season]. But that happens every time. We've got a good end in sight."

"Succession" currently airs new episodes on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and drops the same time on HBO Max.