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Here Are All The Odd Nicknames On Pawn Stars

"Pawn Stars" debuted in July of 2009, offering television viewers a different kind of reality program. Instead of focusing on celebrity families, dating, cooking, or any other subject matter that had dominated the genre, the new series put the spotlight on two things: history and business. Week in and week out, customers would arrive at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with artifacts to sell or pawn, prompting both a history lesson and a negotiation process. In little time, it became obvious that this was a winning formula, one that has propelled the show for over a decade.

At this point, "Pawn Stars" is a small screen staple that spans 17 seasons and almost 600 episodes at the time of this writing. As a result, its cast of hosts has earned celebrity status and worldwide recognition, even amassing individual fanbases of their own. This is likely due in part to the "behind-the-scenes" portions of each "Pawn Stars" episode, which flesh out the employees at the shop and make them more likable through all kinds of shenanigans. Thus, they've become more like fictional characters than people you'd meet in the real world.

Nevertheless, the "Pawn Stars" team has done their best to make the on-screen camaraderie feel as natural as possible. That includes working in nicknames for each other regardless of how major or minor their presence is. Here's a complete list of the oftentimes odd monikers that have popped up across the show's extensive tenure.

Some have stuck while others haven't

Most members of the "Pawn Stars" cast list have a nickname of some kind, though not all of them have stayed as the show has continued. First and foremost is the Harrison family, consisting of the late Richard, his son Rick, and his son Corey. Richard came to be known as "The Old Man," but as '80s Kids points out, his short-lived nickname on the show was "The Appraiser." He'd gone by "Old Man" for decades by the time the series premiered, so it makes sense that he'd just stick with that. As for Rick and Corey, they were known as "The Spotter" and "Big Hoss" for a spell, but these labels didn't last very long either. 

On the other hand, the nicknames of a few other "Pawn Stars" regulars managed to stick around beyond the early seasons. Arguably the most well-known of the bunch is Austin Russell, who fans recognize best simply as "Chumlee." Aside from the main cast, there are also a few folks in the background of the Gold & Silver who boast nicknames of their own. The perpetually late Danielle Rainey goes by "Peaches," and the shop's in-house mechanic goes by the moniker "Fat Back" — leaving the likes of Antwaun Austin, Scott, and Audie to use their real names only.

Nicknames proved hit or miss on "Pawn Stars," with some enduring and others falling into obscurity. At the end of the day, everyone developed their TV persona differently, and considering how successful the program continues to be, it's safe to say everything turned out for the best.