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Chumlee From Pawn Stars Has A Hidden Talent

Rick Harrison may own the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on "Pawn Stars," but far and away, Chumlee is the breakout star. He's the comedic relief of the reality series, often breaking the tension when the rest of the crew are busy trying to make a deal. Chumlee has a way of cracking a joke to make customers feel more at ease, so it's easy to see why Corey Harrison has stayed friends with him for so many years. 

While he seems like a nice guy, Chumlee knows a thing or two around the pawn shop as well. Over the years, he's proven himself knowledgeable in several vital subjects, including designer shoes and trading cards. Naturally, Chumlee is full of surprises. A lot of people may not know he has a side business selling candy nearby the shop to bring in some extra dough. But that's not the only surprise the pawn star has up his sleeves.

Chumlee knows how to rock a turntable

You'd be forgiven for initially assuming Chumlee wasn't musically gifted. After all, when someone came in to pawn an upright bass, Chumlee stored it improperly, causing it to tip over and break. The incident cost the shop $20,000, but hopefully, Chumlee takes better care of his own musical equipment. 

In 2015, The Los Angeles Times ran a story on the "Pawn Stars" worker and how he'd taken some deejay classes. His publicist would later admit that he was nervous about Chumlee actually performing, but he was adamant he could do the job. It was at that point he embarked on his first gig at Ghostbar Dayclub in Las Vegas. By all reports, the set went well, and his co-stars Rick and Corey were there to jam out with him.

TMZ even reported on Chumlee's rider, and he's a man of refined tastes. In addition to requesting some Nerf basketball hoops and guns, he also wanted Girl Scout cookies waiting for him. We can't say we wouldn't ask the same if we were in his shoes.