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The Greatest Beer Run Ever - What We Know So Far

A good friend will be there for you when you need them. A great friend will be there for you when you don't. The best of friends will trek through a warzone just to enjoy a case of buds with their buds. That may sound like an unrealistic expectation, but for Chick Donohue, it was the least he could do for his buddies in Vietnam. He succeeded, too, and then co-wrote a very well received book about his once-in-a-lifetime adventure that was just released in September. It's called "The Greatest Beer Run Ever," and it is now receiving its own movie.

Courtesy of Skydance Media and exclusively available on Apple TV+, this upcoming film based on a true story is still in production (via Variety). The film's Oscar-winning "Greenbooks” director, Peter Farrely, is currently shooting the movie with its esteemed cast in Thailand. Unfortunately, no release date has been confirmed for the film yet, but there's a bit more to uncover regarding this tall-sounding tale and its adaptations. Here is what we know so far.

When will The Greatest Beer Run ever release?

Because "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" is still in the process of shooting the film, it's impossible to say exactly when the film will release. It really depends on how long shooting, editing, and distribution for the movie takes, and that time can vary greatly from movie to movie. If the stars align in Skydance's favor, however, moviegoers may be able to see "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" as soon as late 2022 or early 2023.

Thankfully, the film's production appears to be going smoothly, and the cast is already in Thailand after waiting through the country's mandatory 14 day quarantine. Even so, there is probably more going on than Skydance is willing to show the public, and that could definitely include things that could hold up production for weeks or months. All that's really left for fans to do is sit tight and hope for the best as the film nears completion.

Who is in the cast for The Greatest Beer Run Ever?

We've already mentioned a few times that the film harbors some well-known stars who are already on set. However, we haven't actually mentioned who they are. The first is Zac Efron, who will be portraying the ultimate bro, John "Chick" Donahue, across the veteran's entire journey from New York to wartime Vietnam. Kiwi actor Russell Crowe is also involved, and has spent the better part of October traipsing around Bangkok and sharing his experience on Twitter. Crowe's role in the films is currently unknown, according to IMDb. The cast also includes Bill Murray in a so-far undisclosed role.

So far, the actors playing four named characters (who are presumably Danohue's servicemen buddies) have been revealed. The first is Bobby Pappas, played by actor Kyle Allen. Archie Renaux, co-star of Netflix's "Shadow and Bone," is set to portray Tommy Collins, while the roles of Rick Duggan and Kevin McLoone will be played by Jake Picking and Will Popp respectively.

What is the plot of The Greatest Beer Run Ever?

"The Greatest Beer Run Ever," though it is being shot in Thailand, takes place in Vietnam at the height of the war in 1967. In a time when Americans were beginning to protest the war effort and even turn against their own troops, Chick Donahue decided to give his frontline friends a morale boost the best way he knew how: by getting them wasted. A veteran himself, Chick took a break from his job as a mariner, hopping on a ship straight to Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, Donahue encountered all manner of trouble, both humorous and genuinely dangerous. He survived when the Tet Offensive, a strategically significant series of North Vietnamese attacks (via History.com), was at its peak. Thankfully, Donahue came out the other side to tell the tale of his courage caper, and now, moviegoers will be able to witness an approximation of, as the title so bluntly states, "The Greatest Beer Run Ever."