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Alec Baldwin's Controversial Gun Tweet From 2017 Has The Internet Buzzing

In the wake of a deadly prop gun accident that took place on the set of the Western "Rust" when Alec Baldwin fired a gun with blanks in it, members of the public have become divided as developments in the story continue to shed light on what actually happened. The weapon discharge resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and caused injuries to director Joel Souza yesterday (via USA Today). Since then, some critics have been using Baldwin's past comments to condemn him for his actions in the incident. Others are pointing to this, recent allegations by Ruby Rose, and the almost-strike by members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (via The Verge) as reasons for Hollywood productions to take stock and make major safety changes.

Now, a tweet Baldwin made in 2017 is becoming viral. When it was made, it was already controversial — but in light of recent events, it seems almost prescient. His statement is adding more fuel to the fire as people try to understand how this tragedy could have happened and try to assign blame.

Baldwin wondered what it would feel like to wrongfully shoot someone

In September 2017, law enforcement officer Eric Esparza killed homeless veteran Dillan Tabares outside a 7-Eleven store (via KTLA). The incident was caught on video (via KPCC). Eventually, a probe found the homicide to be justified (via the AP), but the news became national and entered the early national conversation about police violence. This topic continues to divide people today. Baldwin, at the time, posted a seemingly flippant and disparaging comment with his sharing of the news, saying, "I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone..."

The Internet pulls no punches when it comes to calling celebrities to account, so now that Baldwin is all over the news for his role in the shooting, Twitter posters (many of whom seem to disagree with him politically) are all over him. Some people, like @wavechaser2024, juxtaposed his quote next to an image allegedly taken on the set after the shooting took place, in which Baldwin is in clear distress. Others treated the news as a cautionary tale. @Florida941Man said, "What u put into this Universe will always be what u receive in this Universe!!!" 

Some users did come to Baldwin's defense, wondering how a police officer shooting someone seven times paralleled an accident of this nature. Others just thought the coincidence "eerie," as Radar Online did, or "bizarre," as @dhookstead did, calling the shooting "beyond tragic." @mikewhoatv said, "Alec Baldwin's 2017 tweet has come back to haunt him ferociously." 

Some are even attributing the coincidence to "karma" or higher powers. "God works in mysterious ways," @dboik0104 said. Whatever the truth turns out to be, it sounds like the court of public opinion, as represented by social media, has weighed in — and it's not being kind.