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Anya Taylor-Joy Sings 'Downtown' In A Last Night In Soho Music Video

Is there anything Anya Taylor-Joy can't do? The rising star began her entertainment career at the age of 17 when, according to the Evening Standard, she was discovered by legendary modeling scout Sarah Doukas while she was walking her dog in London.

Soon after, Taylor-Joy made the transition to acting, and gained recognition for her impressive performances in "The Witch," "Barry," and M. Night Shyamalan's psychological horror film, "Split." More recently, she earned praise for her leading roles in the latest film adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma," as well as the intense Netflix drama, "The Queen's Gambit."

Meanwhile, Taylor-Joy's role in the upcoming psychological thriller "Last Night in Soho" sees her playing an aspiring singer from the '60s named Sandie, a character that gives her the chance to show off yet another one of her talents. In fact, a recent "Last Night in Soho" promotional video from Focus Features offers fans their first chance to hear the full-length version of Taylor-Joy's cover of the classic '60s hit, "Downtown" — just in case anyone needed more proof of her versatility as a screen performer.

Anya Taylor-Joy's fans are amazed at her singing

Previous teasers and trailers for "Last Night in Soho" have featured Anya Taylor-Joy's dreamy (yet eerie) version of "Downtown," yet it's only just been revealed that her character's hauntingly beautiful voice is her own. Indeed, fans are flocking to the music video's YouTube comments section to share their love for the song, as well as their shock that it was Taylor-Joy singing it all along. One fan wrote, "Anya is like that prodigy kid in school who gets A+ grades in academics, is beautiful and popular, and can sing, act and dance too." Similarly, another user commented, "wow, Anya really has so much potential. this is stunning."

Back in 2020, Taylor-Joy revealed to Den of Geek that she's loved to sing all her life, joking that, "[My family is] like, 'Where do we find the button to switch you off?' because I'm always singing and dancing, and being a general nuisance." In the same interview, she teased her now-revealed "Last Night in Soho" musical performance, saying, "[Sandie] does her own rendition of a well-known song."

While we didn't know back then exactly how Taylor-Joy's singing talents would be showcased in "Last Night in Soho," it's becoming clearer just how much the actress has brought to her performance in the upcoming film. Fortunately, viewers don't have to wait much longer to see Taylor-Joy's full performance as Sandie, with "Last Night in Soho" hitting theaters on October 29.