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Hunters Creator Teases A Jaw-Dropping Villain For Season 2

The Amazon Prime Video series "Hunters" is gearing up for a second season, which has many people wondering what villainous Nazi swine will be getting taken out next?

The show divided a lot of fans and critics with its debut season (per Variety), which focused on a group of Nazi hunters in 1970s New York led by Al Pacino's Meyer Offerman, who turned out to be a member of the former Third Reich himself. The group discovers that Nazi war criminals are living within the U.S. and begins hunting them down one-by-one as they attempt to establish a Fourth Reich. They manage to get one of their prime targets — Offerman, who is secretly Nazi doctor Wilhelm Zuchs — to wrap things up fairly nicely for Season 1. However, there's an even bigger Nazi fish waiting to be caught in the second season, with "Hunters" creator David Weil teasing him off-screen during the show's finale. 

What is expected to become of this big bad in Season 2? Could he possibly just have been a distraction and surprise cameo? Or will the "Hunters" production team bring them back in full capacity next season? Weil actually offered several answers to these questions during an interview recently, along with a small tease for what's next for the Hunters squad. 

Adolf Hitler to be focus of Season 2

Warning: Spoilers for "Hunters" ahead.

"Hunters" creator David Weil spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his plans for Season 2, which include bringing back the Adolf Hitler character as the main antagonist.  

"I want to follow through on the promise that I made to audiences at the end of season 1," Weil explained. "I think the introduction of perhaps the most villainous character in history deserves a fitting season that pursues that character. My hope for season 2 is that there's a great deal of thrill and terror, emotion, heart, catharsis, peril, and to deliver a season that is even bigger, that really builds on season 1 and pays off for our audience in a big way."

Weil admitted to EW that he must be "a little evasive" when describing Hitler's role, but that audiences should expect to see things they've never witnessed on television. "Season 2 is like nothing you've seen before," Weil said. It's unclear who will be playing the Nazi leader, only that he will be secretly living in South America with his wife Eva Braun (Lena Olin). 

"Hunters" is expected to return to Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2022.