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Hunters Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Though they're still playing catch-up with streaming rival Netflix when it comes to original content, the Amazon Prime Video bosses are clearly starting to find their groove, earning scores of new viewers with recent releases like Good OmensThe Boys, and of course, their smash hit series Fleabag. The streamer found itself amid a bit of controversy, however, after teaming with Get Out mastermind Jordan Peele for 2020's legit shocker of a drama series, Hunters

Set in late-1970s New York, the series follows a band of badasses (led by screen legend Al Pacino) who've assembled to hunt down Nazi officials who escaped WWII with their lives, went into hiding, and are currently working clandestinely to create a Fourth Reich. From that setup, Peele and showrunner David Weil conjured a stylish, hyper-violent saga which blends both fictional and real-world elements to drive its Tarantino-esque narrative. Seems the liberties Hunters frequently took in regards to historical accuracy pushed some very wrong buttons for the folks behind the Auschwitz Memorial, who decried the series for its "dangerous foolishness," particularly during certain scenes set within Auschwitz itself.

Controversy aside, season 1 of Hunters also proved a bit divisive with both critics and audiences, though many forgave the series' shortcomings as it frequently delivered the goods in terms of high drama, bombastic action, and daring narrative twists. If you've already watched the first season of Hunters, you know the finale episode had a few shockers of its own. Luckily, Amazon bosses are not about to leave fans of the series hanging on those dizzying cliffhangers, as the show has just been renewed for a second season.

Here's everything we know is far about season 2 of Hunters.

When will season 2 of Hunters arrive on Amazon Prime Video?

We'll go ahead and issue a proper Spoiler Warning for Hunters season 1 now, because there will definitely be a few coming down the pipeline. And just for the record, if you're mid-binge on that first season, or planning to watch it in the future, the finale twists are very much of the head-exploding sort, and really should not be spoiled. Count yourself warned.

Now, if you are among the exploded-head viewers who've experienced those twists already, you were no doubt immediately desperate to know not just if, but when season 2 of Hunters would arrive so you could see just where in the hell this crazy story is headed. Amazon Studios heads sort of put series fans through the wringer by making us wait a couple months for an announcement about Hunters' second season, but they have finally made it official. With the knowledge that we will indeed get to find out just how deep this Nazi-infested rabbit hole will go, the obvious question is when we will get to dive back in for more bloody Hunters mayhem.

Unfortunately, the "when" of Hunters' second season will remain a mystery for now, as Amazon has not yet announced a premiere date. And given that film and television productions around the world will clearly be compromised at best for a long while, there's really no telling when season 2 of Hunters will even be able get before cameras. With that in mind, we'd still wager Hunters season 2 will hit Amazon Prime Video sometime late in 2021. But we also wouldn't be surprised if its release got pushed to 2022.

Who will be in the cast of Hunters season 2?

While the premiere date for the second season of Hunters is likely to remain an unknown for the foreseeable future, we still should have a pretty good idea of which characters will and will not be returning to action in season 2. That being the case, we'll start with who won't be back in the proverbial saddle for the new season. Sadly, the biggest name involved in season 1 of Hunters will definitely not be back for season 2. That name is, of course, Al Pacino. Prior to Hunters, the acting legend had never appeared in a small-screen series of any sort (save for 2003's HBO venture Angels in America, which is technically a "mini-series event").

Pacino appeared in every episode of Hunters' first season as squad leader Meyer Offerman, but it was revealed in the finale that he was, in fact, a big bad Nazi himself, and one of the prime targets of the killer crew he was leading. That reveal ultimately resulted in his death at the hands of his protege Jonah (Logan Lerman). With Pacino out of the picture, series fans can take heart knowing the most of the Hunters crew (save for Saul Rubinek's Murray, who met a most noble end in season 1) should be back in action for season 2.

That list includes the likes of Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Tiffany Boone, and Kate Mulvaney. Of Hunters' nefarious band of Fourth Reichers, Greg Austin, Dylan Baker, and Lena Olin are all presumably reprising their roles in the new season. Given that jaw-dropping reveal in Hunters' season 1 finale, they'll be joined by an as-yet named actor, tasked with bringing to life the embodiment of evil himself, Adolf Hitler. And yes, it should be very interesting to see who takes on that role.

What is the plot of Hunters' second season?

Now that we're more or less clear about the when and the who of Hunters season 2, the question is what will become of the titular crew in the new season. While we don't have a ton of information about what's next for the Hunters, we're 110 percent positive the morally murky waters in which they swim will only get murkier in the upcoming season.

It's a safe bet that Lerman's Jonah will also be taking more of a leadership role moving forward, though, and we're confident season 2 will find most of the crew struggling mightily with the ramifications of Meyer's unveiling as "The Wolf." And as the ending of season 1 alluded to, it's a safe bet that season 2 of Hunters will find the gang jetting to Europe in an attempt to cut off the head of the Fourth Reich snake at its source.

Unfortunately, they don't yet know that the current head of the would-be Fourth Reich (and former "head" of the Third Reich) is currently alive and well, residing in South America with Eva Braun and their super-creepy blonde-haired progeny. As it stands, Louis Ozawa's Joe Mizushima is the only one of the crew to know that horrifying bit of information as he was last seen battered, bruised, deeply confused, and about to feast alongside Adolf and Eva themselves. 

Just what that vile duo has in mind for the deadly Mizushima is not entirely known, but showrunner David Weil recently teased to Refinery 29 that Hitler has plans to use him "as a weapon for them." If you've seen that character in action, you know that might be a very bad thing for anyone who stands in his way. Here's hoping he's tough enough not to be swayed and/or brainwashed by his Nazi captors.