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Fear TWD Fans Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief After Hearing About The Latest News

With seven seasons under its belt and counting, "Fear the Walking Dead" has managed to become much more than just a spinoff of "The Walking Dead." The AMC series has morphed into a unique character study, full of fresh faces and new stories completely separate from the main show. But things are changing as "The Walking Dead" prepares to end in 2022. What does the impending finale of "The Walking Dead" ultimately mean for "Fear the Walking Dead," now in its seventh season and possibly Season 8? Will the series continue, or will AMC scrap its current "Walking Dead" content altogether?

Season 7 of "Fear the Walking Dead" began on October 10. It is slated to run through 2022, with the first half airing between October and December. All told, there will be 16 episodes total in this current season. Thankfully, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg recently put any lingering worries about the future of "Fear the Walking Dead" to rest in an October interview with Insider. The pair said that "The Walking Dead" bowing out is a "momentous thing" which feels like "the end of an era" before eventually revealing whether it would directly impact their prequel spinoff series.

The Walking Dead's ending won't affect Fear TWD

Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg told Insider that the final season of "The Walking Dead" will affect the cast and crew of "Fear the Walking Dead" personally and emotionally, but not when it comes to the production aspects of things. "In terms of kind of how we felt about it affecting 'Fear,' I think the answer there is really not that much," explained Chambliss. "We've obviously had the crossovers with Morgan, Dwight, and Sherry, but since then, the timelines between the shows have diverged in a big way. 'The Walking Dead' is way ahead of where 'Fear' is, and we've really been focused on our particular time in our particular corner of the universe. I think our hope is that we're just lucky enough to keep making more."

Goldberg described how he and Chambliss were both heavily influenced by the original series, so it'll be sad to see "The Walking Dead" go — but also bittersweet. "It's definitely been a huge inspiration, and there's so much story that probably could continue to be told for many, many years," Goldberg said. "But, I think there's also a gift in knowing that you have an ending to write toward and to really give those characters conclusions...You want it to go on forever, but there's also something very satisfying in writing to a conclusion."

Season 7 of "Fear the Walking Dead" will continue to air on AMC and AMC+ through December before taking its mid-season break. The next episode airs on Sunday, October 24.