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Watch The First Trailer For The Great Season 2

Huzzah! Another season of Hulu's highly fictionalized and highly enjoyable "The Great," a loose retelling of Catherine the Great's (Elle Fanning) rise to power in Imperial Russia, is slated to premiere on November 19. In anticipation, the streamer has gifted us with a brand new trailer.

Season 1 of "The Great" introduced viewers to series creator Tony McNamara's — best known for co-writing the Oscar-nominated screenplay for "The Favourite" — humorous take on 18th-century Russian court politics. We followed Catherine as she arrived in Russia, became better acquainted with her dunderhead new husband Peter III (Nicholas Hoult), and eventually hatched a plot to overthrow him and take the reins of the country for herself. By the end of the season, she had come close to succeeding. However, she found herself forced to make great sacrifices to pull off her coup.

Based on the first trailer (and some images we saw back in September), Season 2 will be continuing in that grand tradition. There are plenty of japes, lots of plotting and scheming, and even some new faces at court.

Catherine lives up to her title in the Season 2 trailer for The Great

The trailer for Season 2 of "The Great" picks up where the first season left off. We see Catherine, decked out in an appropriately golden headdress, being announced by Archie (Adam Godley) as the new leader of Russia. Reserve your "Huzzah!" though, because things aren't quite that simple.

After the scene of Catherine's succession, the trailer then introduces us to the most exciting new addition to Season 2: Gillian Anderson, who plays Catherine's mother Joanna. She arrives at court and says, "Darling girl, there is a rumor sweeping Europe that you have taken Russia from your husband." Well, the rumors are true, but as the rest of the trailer demonstrates, Russia is a complicated thing to take.

As was the tenor of the first season, it appears that Season 2 of "The Great" will feature Catherine fighting with her allies, with Peter, and even with herself to figure out the best way forward. Plotting and pulling off a successful coup is no easy feat but smart and resourceful Catherine is obviously up to the task. As she points out when Peter accuses her of arrogance for anointing herself with the title "the great," "It is [arrogant] if you're not great. If you are, it's just calling things what they are."

Season 2 of "The Great" arrives on Hulu on November 19.