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The Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

As AMC's The Walking Dead TV Universe continues to grow, "Fear The Walking Dead" has reached its Season 7 premiere. "The Beacon" finds the displaced survivors dealing with the deadly nuclear fallout from the explosive Season 6 finale.

While Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) finds himself at the head of a newly formed civilization in the apocalyptic wasteland, others aren't as lucky. Strand finds Will (Gus Halper), a young man living alone in a van, and brings him into the community. But when he realizes Will's relationship to the still-missing Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey), things go awry.

Fans on the "Fear The Walking Dead" subreddit participated in their weekly episode discussion thread, where a handful of users questioned one scene in "The Beacon." This confusing moment added to another aspect of the show that fans have a hard time understanding.

So, what part of the Season 7 premiere did fans think made no sense?

How does radioactivity work on Fear The Walking Dead?

"So you can just take a radiation suit off now in the back of a van (without) decontaminating now and you are fine? This f***ing show doesn't even follow any realistic guidelines anymore.....if it ever did," wrote user VelvetSledgehammer42, referring to the haphazard way Will had been surviving under the bridge.

While some fans agreed and pointed to the infamous airplane repair in Season 5, not everyone was so critical. "If you're looking for realism why are you watching a show about zombies lol," replied user XxCALBRAxX.

However, several others countered this point and said that "Fear The Walking Dead" still needs to adhere to some logic — and Will's removal of his contaminated suit directly next to his sleeping bag was blatantly dangerous. "A zombie show or movie needs grounded rules of physics and logic to work," user thomaswak1 explained. The original poster agreed with this, pointing out that prior instances of radiation in both the original "Walking Dead" and "Fear The Walking Dead" haven't given any reason to think radiation functions differently in this universe — zombies or no zombies — and argued, "So to wear a radiation suit, then to be just able to take it off in the back of a van after touching everything, it's still radioactive."

They also added that it doesn't make sense for the survivors to wear protective gear but not cover their horses who seem unfazed by the radiation. Hopefully, as Season 7 goes on, the rules about radiation exposure become more clear.