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Kumail Nanjiani Has The Most Hilarious Name For His Eternals Superpower

When it comes to explaining characters' superpowers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the simplest descriptions are — more often than not — usually the best. Actor Kumail Nanjiani proved this sentiment to be true during a recent appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," in which he described what his character Kingo will be able to do in the upcoming Marvel movie, "Eternals."

Nanjiani's Marvel hero is an experienced swordsman in the comics, however, that doesn't appear to be the case in "Eternals." Trailers released ahead of the film's November 5 premiere show Kingo unleashing laser blasts from his fingertips, which seem to take out his Deviant enemies with ease. This version of the character will also be depicted as a Bollywood star rather than a Japanese actor like he is in the comics.

Bestowed with an abundance of cosmic energy, Nanjiani's Kingo appears to be one of the more powerful Eternals out of the whole bunch. Taking that into account, the actor, who was joined by his "Eternals" co-star Salma Hayek, detailed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" exactly what it is his MCU hero can do — in just about the most straightforward and hilarious way possible.

The unique note Kumail Nanjiani received while filming Eternals

While on the set of "Eternals," actor Kumail Nanjiani said he was given just one, easy-to-understand description of his character's superpower. "I shoot s**t from my hands," Nanjiani told Jimmy Kimmel. "Finger guns!"

According to Nanjiani, "Eternals" director Chloé Zhao was the one who offered up the foolproof description. "I got to work and I was like, 'So, how do I shoot?'" Nanjiani recalled. "Chloé was like, 'Finger guns.' I was like, 'Chloé, that's so goofy.' She's like, 'No! It's gonna be finger guns... I promise it'll look cool.' And so I felt stupid for six months doing this [mimicking finger guns] every day."

Hayek, who plays Ajak in "Eternals," told Kimmel that she used to see Nanjiani practicing his finger skills while on set. "Sometimes you would see him on his own going [finger guns]," Hayek revealed. "You didn't know if it was the Bollywood or sign language or coming up with different ways [for finger guns]," she added, referencing how Nanjiani's Kingo communicates with his deaf teammate Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) by using sign language in the film.

In addition to Kingo and his so-called finger guns, "Eternals" is expected to introduce a number of new heroes with their own unique superpowers to the MCU. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on November 5.