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Alicia Vikander Has Some Exciting Updates On Tomb Raider 2

It would appear that someone entered a cheat code in the past few years that has made video game adaptations receive a bit of a revival. With "The Last of Us" well into production, a blood-soaked "Resident Evil" reboot on the way, and the "Super Mario Bros." expected to sound like Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, the days of bad adaptations from classic game characters feel like they're behind us. We may want to give some credit for this turnaround to Alicia Vikander, whose take on Lara Croft in the 2018 "Tomb Raider" film showed what this kind of property could look like when appropriately handled.

While not met with the best reaction initially (via Rotten Tomatoes), the film made $274 million upon release (via Box Office Mojo) and has received somewhat of a following for the past few years, with fans getting the great news that a sequel was greenlit in 2019. Since then , the legendary Lara Croft seems to have been stuck in the booby traps of production hell. Initially, "In the Earth" and upcoming "Meg 2" director Ben Wheatley was down to helm the project before parting ways. Since then, "Lovecraft Country's" Misha Green took over, and, according to the film's star, many adventurous ideas are being thrown around for what Lara will be getting up to next.

Tomb Raider 2 will boast some very big action

Speaking to Games Radar recently, Vikander discussed her excitement when Green was considering taking over the project. "When Misha was mentioned to me and I saw the work on Lovecraft Country, I was extremely impressed," said Vikander. She also discussed the rarity of having another woman to work with in expanding on one of the most iconic heroes in video game history. "It's so much fun on the Zooms I've had with Misha to finally sit with another woman my own age," the current Tomb Raider explained. "I get to talk about big action set pieces and stunts that we want to make. I'm hoping that we get on track and get to do something together."

As promising as it sounds seeing these two creative forces united in venturing back to Croft's world, there's still the problematic issues of actually getting the project going. Initially set for a 2021 release date back when Wheatley was involved, COVID has slowed things down dramatically like so many other films. Currently, the powers that be have pressed pause on the film's production, but here's hoping that changes in the not too distant future.